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Finding Aid to the William D. Carey Files


Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents


Related Material

Administrative Information

Detailed Description of the Collection

  • Series I: Relating to U.S./U.S.S.R.
  • Series II: Editorials, Speeches, and Testimony
  • Series III: Correspondence
  • Series IV: Agencies and Organizations
  • Series V: AAAS Business, Committees, and Meetings

Overview of the Collection

Repository:    American Association for the Advancement of Science Archives, 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005,
Creator:    Carey, William D.
Title:    William D. Carey Files
Dates:    1968-1987
Extent:    21 linear feet (17 boxes)
Abstract:    William D. Carey (1916-1998) served as AAAS Executive Officer from 1975 to 1987. These records reflect Carey's activities and life-long interest in U.S. and international science policy issues. Before heading AAAS, Carey held positions in the Office of the President at the U.S. Bureau of the Budget, from 1942 to 1969, and with Arthur D. Little, Inc., from 1969-1974.
Language:    The records are in English.

Scope and Contents

Records include correspondence, editorials, speeches, testimony, and meeting materials.


Records are arranged in series. Series I: Relating to US/USSR; Series II: Editorials, Speeches, and Testimony; Series III: Correspondence; Series IV: Agencies and Organizations; and Series V: AAAS Business, Committees, Meetings. 


Collection open to the public for research.

Restrictions on Use

Several folders pertaining to personnel matters and legal cases are closed to researchers.

Related Material

Records are related to other material from the AAAS Executive Office.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

William D. Carey Files. AAAS Archives, Washington, DC.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Relating to U.S./U.S.S.R.

[BOX 1]
Publications, 1982-1983
Workshops, Speeches, Working Groups, 1982 (2 Folders)
Correspondence, 1983
Correspondence (some 1981), 1982
Joint Working Groups
     William D. Carey Soviet Trip, 23 July - 3 Aug. 1981
     Publications, 1981
     Minutes, reports, proposals and budget, 1981
     correspondence, 1980-1981
Salt II-Foreign Policy Conference Materials (Department of State, Washington, D.C.), 26 Feb.1979
Salt II-Publications, Correspondence, 1979
Trip Reports, Meeting Notes, 1979-1980
Correspondence, 1979-1980
Committee for U.S.-U.S.S.R. Study of Fundamental Research Systems, 1979-1980
Joint Commission on Scientific and Technical Cooperation, 1980
Science Policy-Correspondence, 1980
Science Policy-Publications, 1980 (2 Folders)
Misc. Research and Development-Working Group Protocols, Reports, Publications, 1979
Misc. Research and Development-Correspondence, 1979
Moscow-Protocol, January 1979
Moscow-Joint Commission Meeting, February 5-7, 1979
Moscow, 1978
Science Policy, 1978
Working Group-Progress Reports, 1977-1978
Exchanges, 1978
Joint Commission, June 13, 1978
Research and Development-Correspondence, 1978
Research and Development-Publications, Articles, 1978
U.S.-U.S.S.R. Science and Technology Newsletters, 1978-1981

[BOX 2]
Manpower Training and Utilization-Report, Notes, Articles, 1976-1978
Manpower Training and Utilization-Correspondence, 1976-1978
Financing Research and Development, 1973, 1976, 1977
Joint Commission, 1977
Four Groups, 1977
Joint Commission on S and T Fifth Meeting, July 6-8, 1977
Research and Development Planning and Management, 1977
Research and Development Planning and Management, 1976
Four Groups, 1975-1976
Miscellaneous Correspondence, Notes, Reports, 1970, 1973-1975
Miscellaneous Reports, 1975
Fundamental Research-Proposals, Notes, Correspondence, 1976-1978
Moscow Trip Notes, Record, September 1974
Protocols for Working Groups/Subgroups, 1976-1978
U.N. Conference on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD)
     Correspondence, Meeting Notes & Reports, 1976-1977
     US Delegation Meetings and Materials, 1979
     Correspondence, 1979
     W. D. Carey Testimony, 17 July 1979
     Articles, 1979
     Workshop Reports, 7-8 May 1979
     Workshop Reports, 21-22 May 1979
     Workshop Reports, 26-27 March & 18-19 April 1979
     Correspondence, 1977-1979
     Papers, Articles, Notes, 1977-1979 (2 Folders)
     Summary Reports, Agendas, Proceedings, 1977-1979 (2 Folders)
Institute for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (ISTC), 1979

[BOX 3]
Program of Work-U.S.-U.S.S.R. Joint Commission on Scientific and Technical Cooperation, 1973-1974
Correspondence Regarding Papers and Publications, 1976, 1978-1979
Summary Reports, Research Papers (2 Folders)
Research Papers, 1979
Research Papers, 1976
"Research and Development Planning and Management in the Soviet Union," by Paul Cocks-Paper, 1978
Miscellaneous Publications, 1978-1979, 1982
Miscellaneous Publications, 1973, 1977
"Science Policy in the Soviet Union," by Paul Cocks-Paper

Series II: Editorials, Speeches, and Testimony

[BOX 4]
"Science Policy for Basic Research", The Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management, Editorial, March 1987
"Science and the Constitution, The Uncertain Balance" Lecture-U. of Texas at Dallas, 5 February 1987
"White House Science Advising" Comment, February 1987
"The Fifth Decade" Editorial, Science, 14 November 1986
"A Mission in Transition" Editorial, Science, 12 September 1986
Remarks to the Federal Science and Technology Committee, Industrial Research Institute, 11 September 1986
"The United States and the IIASA Connection" Editorial, Science, 15 August 1986
Statement on S.2263, International Communication and Travel Act of 1986, before Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 11 August 1986
"White House Science Advising: A Comment", 23 July 1986
"Setting Priorities: The Slippery Slope" Keynote Address-ALA Convention, 29 June 1986
"How in the World Are We?" Editorial, Science, 30 May 1986
Keynote Address- Extension Service Conference, 15 May 1986
Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee, 30 April 1986
"Big Science, Big Bucks, Big Uncertainties" Congressional Research Service, Science Policy Roundtable, 21 April 1986
"Survival Politics: Science and the Budget Dilemma" Editorial, Science, with J.T. Ratchford, 18 April 1986
UK Science Policy-Review by WDC, 10 April 1986
A-21 Testimony and Background Material, 20 March 1986
Some Early Morning Reflections on Science Policy, NY Science Policy Association, 18 March 1986
"Presidential Science Advising", University of Virginia, 14 March 1986
"U.S. Science Policy: Appearances v. Realities" Cosmos Club Noon Lecture, 25 February 1986
Annual Report, WDC, Executive Officer, 1985
"An Idea Whose Time Has Not Come" Essay, Technology in Society, Fall or Winter, 1985-1986
"Science and Government: How Stands the Partnership?" Washington Academy of Sciences at Cosmos Club, 21 November 1985
"Arms Control and Intricacy" Editorial, Science, 11 October 1985
"Science and the Philadelphia Story" Editorial, Science, 9 August 1985
"The New Power of Science and its Place in the Constitutional System", National Archives, 19 June 1985
"A Welcome Grace Note" Editorial, Science, 17 May 1985
Remarks by WDC, Scientific and Technical Personnel Conference, 9 May 1985
"Science: Matters of Scale and Purpose" Editorial, Science, 5 April 1985
"The Advancement of Science Today", Allen V. Astin Memorial Symposium, National Bureau of Standards, 28 January 1985
Annual Report of the Executive Officer, WDC, 1984
"The Elegance of Choosing" Editorial, Science, 21 December 1984
"Force or Foresight: Custodianship of Scientific Knowledge", American Sociological Association, San Antonio, Texas, 29 August 1984
"Science Finds its Voice" Editorial, Science, 27 July 1984
"Defense Research and Development Priorities" Editorial, Science, 25 May 1984
Harry S. Truman Centennial Annual Meeting, NYC, May 1984
"Politics and Science: The Odd Coupling" American Physical Society, 23 April 1984
Testimony- Senate Subcommittee on Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks, 27 March 1984
"Science and Public Policy" NSF Executive Roundtable, The Nature of Scientific Progress, 21 March 1984
"To Staunch a Hemorrhage: Fit the Patient for a Straightjacket?" Financial Times, London, Mailed 5 March 1984
Testimony- U.S. Senate Committee on the President's 1985 Budget, 27 February 1984
"A Run Worth Making" Editorial, Science, 23 December 1983
"The Secrecy Syndrome" Editorial for The Bulletin (Atomic Scientists), August-September 1983
"Coping with Gridlock" Editorial, Science, 29 July 1983
"Federal Research and Development Organization" Testimony before the House Subcommittee on Science, Research, and Technology, scheduled but cancelled 19 July 1983
"A Transition for Science" Editorial, Science, 1 July 1983
Talk- National Center for Advanced Materials Panel, 6 June 1983
"Science, Technology, and the American Democracy", Williamsburg, VA, 22 April 1983
"Science-The Public's Stakes", Lehigh University, 13 April 1983
"1984: Science's Multicolored Coat" Editorial, Science, 15 April 1983
"Censorship: Soviet Style" Editorial, Science, 25 February 1983
"Science Policy: Negotiating the Maze", IOM Regents Dinner, 27 January 1983
"How is U.S. Technology Policy Made and Promulgated? How Can Societies like IEEE Influence it Effectively?" IEEE U. S. Technology Policy Seminar, Orlando, 14 January 1983
Annual Report by WDC, Executive Officer, 1982
Brookings luncheon talk, 14 December 1982
"Meeting the Challenge of 'Science Anxiety'", Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 14 November 1982
Inaugural Remarks, College of Atlantic Judity Swazey (Bar Harbor, ME), 9 October 1982
"Current Health of U.S. Science and its Future Outlook", MIT Washington Seminar Series, 5 October 1982
Talk- Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1 October 1982
"Handcuffing Science" Editorial, Science, 24 September 1982
"Dilemmas of Scale" Editorial, Science, 18 June 1982
"Federal Science Policy and Academia", Higher Education Group of Washington, 11 May 1982
"High-Tech Censorship", MacNeil-Lehrer Report, 21 April 1982
Remarks for the NAS Panel on Scientific Communication and National Security, 16 April 1982
"Balancing National Security with Scientific Freedom", Technology Transfer Society, 13 April 1982
"Visit to the Chinese Mainland", A.R.C.S. Foundation Talk, 18 March 1982
C.A.S.E. Conference-Remarks, 9 March 1982
Testimony- Subcommittee on Energy, Nuclear Proliferation and Government Processes, 9 March 1982

[BOX 5]
WDC Testimony, Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology Hearings on NSF, 23 February 1982
METREK Remarks (MITRE Luncheon), 10 February 1982
Aviation Week Article (re Inman and Science/Security), v. 116, number 6, 8 February 1982
Remarks to Transportation Research Board, 20 January 1982
"Science in an Election Year" Editorial, Science, 15 January 1982
Annual Report by WDC, Executive Officer, 1981
How to Grow Science-A book review for Policy Studies Journal, 25 November 1981
"Science and the National Security" Editorial, Science, 6 November 1981, 8 January 1982
"Science, the Disputed Frontier", for Carl Tiller, NYC (27 October 1981), rescheduled for 19 November 1982
Remarks to Ad Hoc Committee On Government/University Relationships in Support of Science, 10 October 1981
Remarks to Federal Information Managers, for Andrew A. Aines, Chairman, 7 October 1981
"U. S. Science Policy: What Drives It?" Christian Science Monitor, 5 August 1981
"Charting a Course for Science" Editorial, Science, 26 June 1981
Testimony on H.R. 638 at U. S. House (Wampler Science Council Bill), 23 June 1981
Testimony on NBS-House Subcommittee on Science, Research, and Technology, 17 June 1981
"Slippery Ground: Values, Ideology and Scientific Choice", Student Pugwash Conference (Yale), 15 June 1981
"Science Policy and Congress" Editorial, Science, 15 May 1981
"Science Policy Issues for the 80's", Brookings Institution, 12 May 1981
"Affordable Science" Editorial, Science, 1 May 1981
Testimony by W.D. Carey on NSF to Science, Technology and Space Subcommittee, 22 April 1981
"Renewing America thru Public Service", NM Distinguished Public Service Awards Banquet, Albuquerque, NM, 4 April 1981
"Government, Science and Society in the 80's", NBS Talk, 27 February 1981
"The Threshold of Pain: Coping w/ Frugality" Editorial, Science, 27 February 1981
"Science Education: Rhetoric and Reality" Editorial, Science, 23 January 1981
Notes for Harvard talk, 25 November 1980
"Science Policy: New Directions?" Editorial, Science, 21 November 1980
"Drift and Danger in U.S.-Soviet Relations" Editorial, Science, 24 October 1980
"National Science Policy: Some Observations Theron", Penn State University, 23 October 1980
"The Citizen's Role in Deciding the Use of Scientific Discovery", Baldwin-Wallace College, 21 October 1980
COMSI Fellows-Brookings Speech at luncheon, 10 September 1980
"Science: Its Place in AAAS", Centennial Issue of Science, 4 July 1980
"Viewpoint-Talking Sense About Science", for Research Reporter, July 1980
Remarks at Seven Springs, Russell Sage, 24-25 June 1980
Testimony- H.R. 534, U.S./U.S.S.R. Scientific and Technical Exchanges, 20 May 1980
"Beyond 1980: Managing the Surprise Factor", American Society for Public Administration, Albuquerque, NM, 8 May 1980
Testimony on O.E.S. (Department of State), U.S. House, 1 April 1980
"What the Public Expects: Responsibilities of Scientific and Engineering Societies", CESSE, 6 March 1980
"Society-Science Symbiosis" Cosmos Club Monday Evening Lecture, 3 March 1980
"Communicating for Choice and Decision", ASME Founders Day, NYC, 15 February 1980
"The Eagle and the Bear" Editorial, Science, 8 February 1980
Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs (re: Russians), 8 February 1980
"The Pleasures of Advising", Technology in Society, Pergamon Press, February 1980
Annual Report, WDC, Executive Officer, 1979
Talk- National Science Foundation, 31 January 1980
"Sparking a Rebirth of Technology Innovation", ASME, New York, 3 December 1979
"Stalking Innovation's Woes" Editorial, Science, 23 November 1979
"Here Come the 80s! Is Science Policy Ready?" Keynote Address, Society for Social Studies of Science, 2 November 1979
Remarks- Commerce, Science, and Technology Fellows, Brookings, 5 October 1979
"Science and the Politics of Development" Editorial, Science, 28 September 1979
"The Outlook for Innovation: A Policy View" with audio cassettes, ACS/IRI Symposium, 12 September 1979
UNCSTD Testimony, House of Representatives, 17 July 1979
National Endowment for the Humanities, Area of Science, Technology and Human Values, NEH, 11 June 1979
"Science and Public Understanding" Editorial, Science, 25 May 1979
"Science Policy in Washington" Editorial, Science, 20 April 1979
Science Indicators Seminar, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 9-10 April 1979

[BOX 6]
Summary-International Conference on S and T Policy, NYU, 27-28 March 1979
"The Joys of Research" (Einstein), Smithsonian Institution, 16-17 March 1979
"Myth and Reality: U.S. Science Policy", Case Western Reserve University, 6 March 1979
"1978 Report of the Executive Officer" appearing in Science, 2 March 1979
Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House, WDC Testimony, 2 March 1979
UNCSTD Seminar-House of Representatives, WDC Views, 14 February 1979
"Concerning the Technology Base" Editorial, Science, 2 February 1979
"Information and the Good Society", MITRE, Hershey, PA, 21 January 1979
Margaret Mead Memorial, New York City, 20 January 1979
"Margaret Mead" Editorial, Science, 8 December 1978
"Science in the Political Economy" Editorial, Science, 17 November 1978
"Budgeting in the AAAS"-Speaking Notes, Federation of Organizations for Professional Women, 27 October 1978
"Concerning the Technology Base" Editorial, Science, 29 October 1978
"Management of U.S. Scientific Research and Development- A National Overview", to PRC Visiting Delegation, 16 October 1978
Statement- Science Committee-House, U.S./U.S.S.R. Exchanges, 5 October 1978
"Government Patent Policy", CSSP luncheon, 27 July 1978
TASS Interview w/ Leonid Buz, 17 July 1978
Science/Dissent Statement, Human Rights and Science Policy, House of Representatives, 18 July 1978
"Public and Private Policies for Research and Development" Editorial, Science, 14 July 1978
"Patent Policy Versus Innovation" Editorial, Science, 30 June 1978
Atmospheric Science Policy/AMS, Boston, 24-25 May 1978
"Another Go at Federal Education" Editorial, Science, 19 May 1978
Remarks-U.S. General Accounting Office, 17 May 1978
The Federal Research and Development Budget: Is it on Target?-Research and Development Budget Testimony, Senate, 26 April 1978
"The Annual Meeting" ('79 Houston) Editorial, Science, 21 April 1978
"Science and Public Policy", International Association for Dental Research, Washington, D.C., 17 March 1978
"A Very Human Business" Editorial, Science, 17 March 1978
AAAS/IBI Symposium, 23 February 1978
"A Policy-Oriented Research and Development Budget" Editorial, Science, 17 February 1978
"Science and Technology for Development" Editorial, Science, 20 January 1978
Human Subjects in Research, U.S. Capitol, 16 January 1978
UN Conference on Science and Technology for Development, Testimony for Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, 15 December 1977
"Intergovernmental Cooperation in Science" Editorial, Science, 25 November 1977
"Science and the Negotiating Society", University of PA Roundtable, 16 November 1977
"Thoughts on Reorganization" Editorial, Science, 14 October 1977
New York Remarks, Century Club, 12 October 1977
NSF/Keystone, Denver, CO, 21-23 September 1977
"How Fares Basic Science?" Editorial, Science, 26 August 1977
"The Outlook for Science and Technology", Kings Point, NY, 12 August 1977
"Last Resorts" Editorial, Science, 22 July 1977
"The Blind Side of Science Policy" Editorial, Science, 3 June 1977
"Federalism: A Forecast", University of Wisconsin, 19 April 1977
"The Denver Meeting: Afterthoughts" Editorial, Science, 15 April 1977
USIA Interview w/ Ron King, 6 April 1977
"The Federal Labs: How Should they be Run?" Los Alamos, NM, 5 April 1977
"New Directions for AAAS" Editorial, Science, 11 February 1977
"Science in the Ford Years: Last Things" Editorial, Science, 21 January 1977
Ford Foundation on Policy Termination, 10 January 1977
"A Question of Checks and Balances" Editorial, Science, 17 December 1976
"On Working with the Soviets" Editorial, Science, 19 November 1976
Priority Problems of State and Local Governments, RANN, 9 November 1976
"Science in the Climate of Contemporary Policies", University of Tennessee, 18 October 1976
"The Federal Research and Development Budget", Lotus Club, NYC, 21 September 1976
American Statistical Association, Invited Address, Boston, 23 August 1976
"Politics and Reason" Editorial, Science, 13 August 1976
"Research and Development in the New Budget System" Editorial, Science, 9 July 1976
"Turning Out the Vote" Editorial, Science, 11 June 1976
"Technology and the Quality of Life: The Narrow Passage", Dartmouth, 29 May 1976
"Basic Research and Congress" Editorial, Science, 21 May 1976
Opening Remarks-50th Anniversary, Soc. Sci. Foundation, Denver, 22 April 1976
"The Week that Was" Editorial, Science, 16 April 1976
Prefatory Remarks-University of Rochester, WDC Moderator, 2 April 1976
"Technology and Public Policy", Columbia University, 11 March 1976
Summary-Bioconversion Conference, General Chairman, 12 March 1976
"Presidents, Budgets, and Science" Editorial, Boston Herald American, 13 February 1976
"National Priorities: Round One to Basic Science" Editorial, Science, 6 February 1976
"Science in the Negotiating Society", American Meteorological Society, Boston, 21 January 1976
"Relationship Between Federal, State, and Local Government Support for Research and Development", 31 December 1975
"Budget Priorities: Science a Big Loser?" Editorial, Science, 21 November 1975
"Science and the Good Society", Arlington Unitarian Church, 16 November 1975
"Policy Making in a Negotiating Society" Remarks, Annual Mtg of the Association of American Medical Colleges, 4 November 1975
"Science, Technology, and Government: Open Questions and Unfinished Business", Duke University, 22 October 1975
"Information & the Right of Privacy" Comments, Roundtable on Privacy and Information, Office of the VP, 7-9 October 1975
"Talking Notes", American Meteorological Society, Boston, 2 October 1975
"Science and Public Policy", Brookings Conference for Government Executives, 30 September 1975
"Policy Research: Is There a Market for It?" Remarks, NSF Staff Colloquium, 25 September 1975
"Issues Affecting National Health Priorities" Remarks, National Institutes of Health Training Seminar, 24 September 1975
"Science, Technology, and the Public Interest" Remarks to Naval Aviation Executive Institute, 15 September 1975
"Science, Politics, and Climate Change" Editorial, Science (Never Published?), 18 August 1975
"Peer Review Revisited" Editorial, Science, 1 August 1975
"The Peer Review System"-Testimony before U.S. House Subcommittee on Science, Research, and Technology, 30 July 1975
Remarks-Federal Executive Seminar Center, King's Point, NY, 9 June 1975
"The Management of Cities", The Smithsonian Institution, 19 June 1975
"Technology Transfer: Expanded Uses of Federal Laboratories", NATO Conference, June 1975
Banquet Address- NATO Conference on Technology Transfer, WDC, June, 1975
"The Shaming of Science" Editorial, Science, 16 May 1975
Remarks to IRI/FCST Seminar on Management of Research and Development, Reston, VA, 14 May 1975
"The Prospect: 1980-1985", G.E. Speech, 10 May 1975
"Science, Government, and Business" Remarks, National Association of Manufacturers Spring Conference, 11 April 1975
Book Review by WDC- Dollars for National Goals: Looking Ahead to 1980, 1974
Book Review- Advice and Dissent: Scientists in the Political Arena, 1974
Miscellaneous Speeches, Talks, etc.
Miscellaneous Editorial Ideas
"The Long Afternoon of Detente" Editorial, not sent to Science

Series III: Correspondence

[BOX 7]
William Carey
     A-B, 1983-1986
     C-D, 1983-1986
     C-D, 1986-1987
     E-F, 1983-1986
     E-F, 1986-1987
     G-H, 1983-1986
     G-H, 1986-1987
     I-L, 1983-1986
     I-L, 1986-1987
     M-N, 1983-1986
     M-N, 1986-1987
     O-Q, 1983-1986
     O-Q, 1986-1987
     R-S, 1983-1986
     R-S, 1986-1987

[BOX 12]
William Carey Files - Folder
     IX, 1986
     VII, 1984 (2 Folders)
     VIII, 1985
     VI, 1983 (3 Folders)
     V, notes, 1982
     IV, notes (contributions to AAAS), 1981
     III, notes, 1979-1980

Series IV: Agencies and Organizations

[BOX 12]
U.S. Council for World Communications Year 1983- Reception, 22 June 1983
World Communications Year, 1983
     Background File (2 Folders)
     Members, Agendas, Initiatives, Conferences
     Correspondences and Notes
     Publications, Newsletters
     The White House Council Meeting, 23 June
     US Council's Information Kit
     Final Report

[BOX 10]
     Misc. correspondence, 1983; 1985 & 1987
     Advanced Information Systems Project, Fiscal Year, 1985
     Navy C3I Project Descriptions, Sept. 1985
     Correspondence, Reports and Agendas, July-Dec. 1985
     Summary Description of MITRE's Advanced Information Systems Projects, 1985
     Technical Advisory Committee Advanced Information Systems, July 1985
     Briefing Charts, Technical Advising Committee Meeting on Army, Navy and DCA Programs, 20-22 March 1985
     Board of Trustees Meeting, Los Angeles, 30 Jan.- 1 Feb. 1985
     Quarterly Technical Reports, Operations Highlights, Annual Report (1984), Jan.-June 1985
     Correspondence, Minutes, Reports, Budget and Agendas, Jan.-June 1985 (2 Folders)
     Technology Program, Advanced Information Systems, 1984
     Financial Statements, C3I Operations, 1984
     Technical Operations, Report to Board of Trustees, 1984
     Correspondence, Budget, Reports, Minutes and Notes, 1984 (2 Folders)
     National Security Issues Symposium, 1983

[BOX 11]
1983 Budget, 1982-1983
U.S. Council for World Communications (WDC Member, 1983), 1982-1983
Budget Cuts, Reagan, 1982
Science and the 97th Congress, 1981
Budget Cuts, Reagan, 1981 (3 Folders)
Social Science Research Meeting, NYC, 4 June 1981
Conference on Population, Resources and Environment, Washington, D.C., 22-23 January 1981
Public Sector-5 Year Outlook, 1980
Quarterly Report of the Technology Assessment Board, 1 October- 31 Dec. 1980
Quarterly Report, Office of Technology Assessment, 1 July- 30 Sept. 1980
Innovation (White House), 1979-1980
Department of Education and NSF, 1978-1979
G.E.-Science, Invention, and Social Change-Schenectady and Albany, NY, 19-21 September 1978
Executive Office of the President (OEP) Reorganization, 1977-1978 (2 Folders)
Council on Solar Bio-Fuels, 1977-1980
Testimony by WDC on U.S.A. vs. Mobil Oil Corp., 1976
Fish and Wildlife (Rosenthal), 1975-1981 (3 Folders)
"Organization for Science and Technology in the Executive Branch" AAAS White Paper, Science, 7 March 1975
Science Policy, 1974-1978
Presidency (Nixon Years), 1970-1973
National Goals (Nixon Years), 1969-1971
PSAC Panel (Science and Technology Policy), 1968-1971 (2 Folders)
Presidency (Nixon Years), 1968-1970
Salzburg Seminars Reunion, Correspondence from 1964-1969, June 1968

[BOX 13]
Institute of Medicine, 1983-1984
     Elections, 1981-1983; 1985
     Committee on Health Implications of Nuclear Attack, 1980-1981
     1985-1986 (2 Folders)
     University Programs Panel, 1983-1986
     International Research and Development Panel, 1985
     International Research and Development Panel, 1984-1985
Congressional Correspondence, 1985-1986
Congressional Correspondence, 1982-1984
Economic Development Foundation, 1985-1986
American Museum of Natural History, 1983-1986
American Library Association
     1984 (3 Folders)
     1979; 1981-1982

[BOX 15]
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Special Review Panel, Fall 1982
National Engineering Action Conference, 6 April 1982
Academy Study of Science and Technology Communication (Some 1979), 1981-1982
Panel on Issues of Scientific Communication Meeting, National Academy of Sciences, 17-18 September 1981
Presidential Commission on the Agenda for the Eighties, 16 January 1981
National Commission on Research, University-Government-Industry Forum, 1980-1981
National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA)
     Publications, Brochure, Reports, 1980
     Correspondence, Minutes and Memos, 1980
     Data Collection Memo, 1980
     Panel Meeting, 11-12 Nov. 1980
     Reports, 1978 & 1981
     Correspondence, Minutes & Memos, 1978 & 1980
Center for Creative Leadership, 1979
U.N. Conference on Science and Technology for Development, 20-31 August 1979 (3 Folders)
National Commission on Research (NCR), 1978-1981
Carter Administration Transition, 1976
CTAB Antitrust "White Paper", 1974

[BOX 16]
DOE-Energy Research Advisory Board, 1983
Department of State-OES, 1980, 1982
The New Reagan Administration, 1980-1981
Transitional Material (Reagan), 1980
Presidential Commission for a National Agenda for the Eighties, 1980
Department of State, 1979, 1983
Office of the President, 1979-1982
Department of Education, 1979 (3 Folders)
Federal Communications Commission, 1979
Office of the President-"A New Foundation", January 1979
Department of State-OES, 1979
OIS-Science-Technology Briefings for the Department of State, 1979
Oversight on Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), 7 & 21 March 1979
"Report to Congress on Science, Technology, and United States Foreign Policy", 1979
Office of the President-National Medal of Science Award, 1979
Department of Energy, 1977-1981, 1983, 1985
Environmental Protection Agency, 1977, 1979-1983
Health and Human Services, 1977-1979, 1983
Internal Revenue Service, 1978, 1981
Department of State-Title V Background Material, 1978-1980 (2 Folders)
Congress-Science, Technology, Foreign Policy, 1978-1980
Office of Management and Budget, 1977-1978, 1981
National Bureau of Standards, 1977, 1979-1980
Civil Service Commission (Federal Executive Institute), 1977
Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), 1976-1982
OSTP Project to Review GAO Proposal for Research and Development Budgets, 1976-1979
National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Date Unknown

[BOX 8]
NSF Peer Review, Education, 1985-1986 (2 Folders)
Research Strategies (Government-University-Industry), 1985-1986
Academic Research Facilities- Financing Strategies, 22-23 July 1985
GUIRR Working Group IV, 1985
EVIST, 1985
NSF International Strategy and Programs 1984-1985 (2 Folders)
Survey of Graduate Science and Engineering Students and Postdoctorates, 1984-1985
NSF Peer Review, 1984-1986 (2 Folders)
NAS Exchanges (with the Academies of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe), 1984-1985
Government-University-Industry Research, 1982-1984
Budget, 1983 (2 Folders)

Series V: AAAS Business, Committees, and Meetings

[BOX 8]
Research and Development Colloquium, 23 June 1982
Draft- "Proposal for a Uniform Federal Procurement System", 29 October 1981
"Research and Development and the New National Agenda", Colloquium, Washington, D.C., 25-26 June 1981
Science 81, 1981
Science, 1981
[CLOSED] William McBride versus AAAS, 1980-1982 (2 Folders)
Science, 1980-1981
Science, 1980
Research and Development Colloquium-Public Sector, 1980
[CLOSED]Hearst Case, 1979-1980 (2 Folders)
Research and Development Colloquium- Public Sector, 1978
Research and Development Analysis- Public Sector, 1977
Seminar on Research and Development in the Federal Budget, 10 February 1976
Regional Seminars-Public Sector, 1975, 1977
Sloan Foundation-Public Sector Programs, 1976-1978, 1981

[BOX 9]
Finances, 1986
Research and Development Colloquia, 1985-1987
Education: Project 2061, 1985-1986
Opportunities in Science, 1985-1986
Science Magazine, 1985-1986
Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (Few 1986-1987), 1985
Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, 1985
Finances, 1985
Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (Some 1986), 1984
Science Magazine, 1984-1985
Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy, 1985
Information Systems-Correspondence, 1984-1986
Interciencia-Correspondence, 1984-1985
Finances, 1984-1985
Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, 1984
Finances, 1984
IIASA and Other European Travel, 1984
Education: Phillips Petroleum Grant, 1981-1984
Committee on Public Understanding of Science (CPUS), 1983-1986
[CLOSED] AAAS Personnel Department, 1982-1986
Scientific Manpower Commission, 1974-1975, 1978, 1981, 1984-1985
William C. Redfield Portrait, 1984-1986

[BOX 14]
Carey Alpha- S, 1982 (3 Folders)
Carey Alpha- T-Z, 1983-1986 (2 Folders)
Carey Alpha- T-Z, 1986-1987
AAAS Accounts, 1986-1987
AAAS Committee on Science, Arms Control, and National Security, 1986
AAAS Board of Directors Correspondence, 1985-1987
AAAS at 1333 H. Street, 1985-1986
Development Office, 1985-1986
Chron. File, April 1985
Chron. File, March 1985
Chron. File, February 1985
Chron. File, January 1985
AAAS Committee on Science, Arms Control, and National Security, 1985 (2 Folders)
AAAS Committee on Science, Arms Control, and National Security, 1983-1984
Congressional Seminar Sponsored by AAAS: "The Strategic Defense Initiative: Short-Term Arms Control Implications", February 21, 1985
Education, 1985-1986
Education, 1983-1984

[BOX 17]
Science policy, 1981-1987
Science, security and technology transfer, 1985 (2 Folders)
Science, security and technology transfer, 1984 (4 Folders)
Science, security and technology transfer, 1983 (3 Folders)
Science 86, 1986
     regarding sale (12 Folders)
     Time bid (4 Folders)
     other bids
     staff input
     Carey notes, telephone messages
     clippings, media
     Time folds acquisition
     misc. correspondence
     Hammond. Allen
Scientists Institute for Public Information, 1982-1984