Impacts of the Early Cold War on the Formulation of U.S. Science Policy: William T. Golden

Impacts of the Early Cold War on the Formulation of U.S. Science Policy

Selected Memoranda of William T. Golden: October 1950 - April 1951
Edited with an Appreciation by William A. Blanpied (Washington, DC: AAAS, 1995)
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William T. Golden is one of the unsung heroes of U.S. science policy. Among his many contributions, he served as a special consultant to President Truman on mobilizing the nation's scientific resources. In the course of his work, which had a profound influence on both the National Science Foundation and the presidential science advisory system, he met with virtually every leading science and technology policy figure of the day. This book makes available for the first time records of his conversations with these individuals and memoranda based on them. Compiled by and including contextual materials prepared by physicist-historian William A. Blanpied, the book is a unique resource for those interested in the development of science policy in the United States. The paper edition is out of print. The web version contains the complete contents and is freely downloadable for educational and research uses.

Included in the book are appendices listing (a) the names of persons consulted by Mr. Golden and the dates of the conversations and (b) the names and locations of libraries that are repositories for complete bound sets of Mr. Golden's memoranda.