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JoEllen McBride - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



JoEllen McBride, PhD
Univeristy of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Physics and Astronomy
Fellowship Sponsor: American Physical Society
Fellowship Site: Voice of America


Jo is currently a 2016 AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Voice of America in Washington, D.C. where she writes about science. She will begin a temporary faculty position at West Chester University in the fall of 2016. Jo earned her Ph.D in Physics at UNC - CH in 2016. She studied whether star birth is completely shut off, toned down some or enhanced by interactions with 4 or more galaxies. She was part of the Engaging the Public in Science Workshop at the NC Museum of Natural Science and is also an Astronomy Ambassador for the American Astronomical Society. She was also a delegate of the Student Advocates for Graduate Education for three years where she lobbied on Capital Hill for graduate student issues such as research funding and student debt. In her free time, she pets her kitties Thelma and Louise, raises her daughter, Carina, with the help of her partner, Ed, and writes about science. 

Published @Voice of America during Fellowship

6/13/2016          Milky Way Fades Away

6/14/2016          LISA Pathfinder Mission Exceeds Expectations

6/14/2016          Found: Missing Jupiters

6/15/2016          Scientists Discover Building Blocks of Life Around Forming Planets

6/21/2016          Dealing with Dinosaurs Gave Mammals Night Vision

6/23/2016          Older Monkeys Get More Selective About Companions

7/02/2016          US States, Agencies Work Together in Tracking Fukushima Radiation

7/07/2016          Research: Dinosaurs Done In by One-Two Climate Punch

7/12/2016          Study: Pregnant Women Pass On Flu-fighting Antibodies to Newborns

7/15/2016          Looking to Exploding Stars for Clues About Life on Ancient Earth

7/18/2016          Study: Climate Change Not Expected to Boost Malaria in West Africa

7/20/2016          NASA Marks 40 Years of Viking 1 Mars Landing

7/23/2016          Avian Honeyguides Lead Human Hunters to Honey

8/03/2016          Deep Sea Abyss, New Mining Frontier, Harbors Unexpected Life

8/04/2016          Researchers Find ‘Sign Post’ Toward New Way to Fight Roundworms

8/10/2016          Lake Tanganyika Ecosystem Sensitive to Climate Change

8/11/2016          Hubble Sapce Telescope Gets a New 5-Year Contract