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To get involved in one of these ongoing projects, contact the Team Leader.

Scientific Collaborations with Human Rights Organizations
This project team is developing a series of webinars intended to provide information of use to human rights organizations in designing and executing systematic evaluations of their programs and projects through interdisciplinary collaborations. 
Team Leader: Oliver Moles

Human Rights, Science, and Disability: Attitudes of Health Professionals and Scientists
This project aims to measure how health professionals and scientist innovators understand and employ human rights principles as related to their clients’ enjoyment of the benefits of scientific progress: 1) the level at which human rights topics or language are present in the extant literature of health care providers, and 2) the attitudes and knowledge of health care professionals concerning human rights within the context of disability, science and technology. Team members are developing a literature review, survey and interview guide, and final manuscript.
Team Leader: Anne Bryden

Developing Computer-Assisted Evaluation of Human Rights Programs
This project team is creating open-source software in the style of Quicken or Turbo-Tax that human rights organizations can use to enhance and ease analysis of their program effectiveness. The project team aims to implement this software and provide any necessary training in several partnering human rights organizations.
Team Leader: Bill Mawby

Indicators of the Right to Science
The Indicators Group seeks to develop a database of measures that form indicators of the right to science, along with a codebook and information about reliability, validity, and other concerns. The Indicators Group plans to hold two working conferences over the project’s existence that will enable the Indicators Group to move forward efficiently and energetically in developing the database, codebook and other materials, as well as disseminating this information for review and use.
Team Leader: Brian Gran

Rapid Response for Scientists
This project team shares information about actions Coalition member associations are taking to protect the human rights of scientists. The project team also provides a forum to develop shared strategies. One focal point for the team right now is protecting the rights of scientists in Turkey. 
Team Leader: Lori Brown

Resource Development for Science & Human Rights Campus Groups
This project team support students in the US and internationally to build Science & Human Rights Campus Groups by developing a step-by-step guide to tackle the most important hurdles in starting a group.
Team Leaders: Lucas Hackl and William Lenart

Science, Engineering and Human Rights: A Select Annotated Bibliography
This project team is updating and expanding an annotated bibliography of human rights resources in scientific disciplines. The bibliography is meant as a starting point for scientists, engineers, human rights practitioners, educators, and interested students to begin to explore the larger literature.
Team Leader: Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach

Student Competitions
This project team is developing and supporting a series of competitions for undergraduates and graduate students. Past competitions include a poster competition, an essay competition, and a new digital media competition. These competitions were created to inspire students to explore connections between human rights and science, engineering and the health professions. 
Team Leader: Lucas Hackl