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Kelsey Houston-Edwards - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



Kelsey Houston-Edwards
Cornell University, Mathematics
Fellowship Sponsor:  American Mathematical Society
Fellowship Site: NOVA

Kelsey is a San Diego native who abandoned the sunshine to study mathematics and philosophy at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. There she had the awesome privilege of working at Reed's research and educational nuclear reactor. Now a doctoral candidate in math at Cornell University, she studies probability theory of an analytic flavor, specifically heat kernel estimates.

Published @NOVA during Fellowship

6/08/2016          Scientists Cautiously OK the Next Genetic Revolution

6/10/2016          Geochemists Figure Out How to Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions Into Stone

6/15/2016          Bioluminescence in Fish Evolved 27 Different Times

6/27/2016          Quantum Computer Simulates Quantum Particle Interactions for the First Time

6/30/2016          Wave of the Future?

7/08/2016          There's Hope for fMRI Despite Major Software Flaws

7/22/2016          Machine Learning Could Dramatically Reduce Google's Carbon Footprint

7/25/2016          Physicists Detect Neutrinos in Superposition Hurtling Through Spacetime

7/27/2016          Can Autonomous Cars Learn to be Moral?

8/05/2016          Olympic Athletes are Experimenting with VR and Electric Brain Stimulation

8/10/2016          Why Food Date Labels Don't Mean What You Think

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