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LEARN About Advocacy

AAAS advocates on behalf of the STEM community, and we invite scientists and engineers to get involved, too, because it is essential for legislators to hear your voices. However, learning about the workings of Congress and the legislative process can be overwhelming. Below are some resources we think are a good place to start.

“It is time to overturn the expectation that the only thing a scientist is good at is science.”

Homer Neal, Jennifer McCormick and Tobin Smith
Beyond Sputnik: U.S. Science Policy in the 21st Century

Science Policy Basics

Getting Started in Science Policy

Join Erin Heath, Director of Federal Relations at AAAS, for an introduction to science policy.


Understanding the Federal Budget and Appropriations Process

U.S. Federal Budget Process 101

A brief explainer video from AAAS on how the U.S. federal budget is created.

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