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Mark Kim - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016

Mark Kim
New York University, Mathematics
Fellowship Sponsor: Heising-Simons Foundation
Fellowship Site: National Public Radio

Courant Splash

Hello everyone, I am Mark Kim -- MMF '16 at NPR. I have a mathematics background and tend to gravitate towards technology, computational biology & medicine, and education stories. I have some experience in technical writing and was the director of Courant Splash, a math outreach program in New York City. Outside of science communication, I am interested in writing about civil rights issues and contemporary literature.  

Published @National Public Radio during Fellowship

6/25/2016          With A Zap, Scientists Create Low-Fat Chocolate

7/02/2016          Device Lets Police Seize Digital Cash, Raises Civil Liberties Concerns

7/21/2016          To Avoid Malaria, Try Sleeping With A Chicken At Your Bedside

7/28/2016          Writing Data Onto Single Atoms, Scientists Store The Longest Text Yet

7/28/2016          Iranian-Swedish Researcher Among Winners Of Top European Math Prize

7/29/2016          South Korea Is Contending With A 'Gamergate' Of Its Own — Over A T-Shirt

8/12/2016          Why Doctors Want A Computerized Assistant For Cancer Care