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Matthew Miller - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



Matthew Miller
Auburn University, Veterinary Medicine
Fellowship Sponsor: Jonathan Madara, Penn Vet Student Inspiration Awardee
Fellowship Site: Slate

Matt Miller is a science writer for Slate magazine, and a 2016 AAAS Mass Media Fellow. He is also a second year veterinary student at Auburn University. 

Published @Slate during Fellowship

6/13/2016          Prozac May Be the Only Drug That Effectively Treats Depression in Kids

6/16/2016          Why Did the Gator Attack the 2-Year-Old?

6/17/2016          What’s the Deal With the New Elements?

6/24/2016          Actually, That Gross, New Stomach-Draining Device Might Be Effective

6/29/2016          A DNA Test Won’t Explain Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry

6/30/2016          How Much Does 1 Kilogram Weigh?

7/08/2016          A Zika-Infected Person Died in Utah. But There’s No Reason to Think the Virus Is Spreading Faster.

7/08/2016          There’s Absolutely No Reason Why an EpiPen Should Cost $300

7/12/2016          Light Pollution May Cause Early Spring in Cities

7/12/2016          How Our Own Genetic Code Could Make the Internet Last for Millennia

7/13/2016          Obama Becomes the First President to Publish a Science “Paper,” Which Is Kind of Cute

7/14/2016          Drones and M&Ms Help Vaccinate Endangered Ferrets


7/14/2016          Firefighters Had Been Feeding Alligators Near Site of Toddler Attack

7/19/2016          An Inside-Out Tornado, Called a Microburst, Hovers Over Phoenix

7/21/2016          The White Lion Cub Born in Texas Is Adorable, but Not Albino

7/21/2016          Where the “Spicy Boi” Meme Came From (and Why It’s Spamming Hillary Clinton’s Instagram)

7/27/2016          Have Humans Finally Reached Peak Height?

7/27/2016          Being Transgender Is Not a Mental Disorder

7/29/2016          The Bees Are All Right

7/29/2016          What Can Pizza Tell Us About Ourselves?

7/29/2016          First Cases of U.S.-Contracted Zika Reported in Florida

8/02/2016          Which Sports Held in Rio’s Sewage-Contaminated Waters Present the Biggest Health Risk?

8/09/2016          The Fish Kick Is the Fastest Way to Swim That (Almost) No One Uses

8/11/2016          20 (Science) Questions for the Presidential Candidates

8/15/2016          Don't Bring Your Dog to Work