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Maya Smith - 2016 AAAS and Pitts Family Foundation Minority Science Writers Intern



Maya Smith
University of Memphis

Maya Smith recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Memphis earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with University Honors with thesis. There, she was the historian for the Public Relations Student Society of America, a reporter for the Daily Helmsman, and member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi). She also interned at Quality Commercial Marketing Group in Memphis, where she contributed to a Latino newspaper, as well as, created graphics, such as logos and business cards. Maya is passionate about storytelling, graphic design, and blogging.

Maya also enjoys working with children and was awarded President Obama’s Volunteer Service Award for her time volunteering at the Children’s Museum of Memphis. Additionally, Maya is an avid tennis player, traveler, and amateur photographer. 

Read Maya's published stories in Science by clicking the links below.

6/08/2016          Most of your favorite foods are probably foreign

6/13/2016          Climate change may predict which diseases will jump from animals to humans—and when

6/15/2016          Climate change claims its first mammal

6/16/2016          NASA sets a fire in space

6/17/2016          Tuskegee experiments may be behind a drop in life expectancy for Southern African-American men

6/21/2016          These infant ‘hot Jupiters’ could help explain how planets evolve

6/24/2016          Top stories: Human shields for bears, genes that live on after death, and the discovery of a magnetic sixth sense—maybe

6/27/2016          Engineers have designed a shampoo bottle that is good to the last drop

6/28/2016          New York University halts psychiatric studies over ethical violations

6/30/2016          Birds’ wings from dinosaur days preserved in amber

6/30/2016          Bonobos lie about sex to keep the peace

7/06/2016          California officials level ‘holy grail’ of earthquake research

7/13/2016          Can social media help prevent opioid abuse?

7/13/2016          Juno spacecraft captures Jupiter on camera

7/19/2016          Why jet lag is worse when you’re traveling east

7/20/2016          The human eye can detect a single photon

7/22/2016          Ancient poop shows how diseases may have spread along the Silk Road

8/03/2016          Climate change—not humans—killed giant camels and sloths in South America

8/10/2016          Video: Peacock spider creates its glowing blue color in an unusual way