Profiles of Women in STE in Jordan


Literacy Rate (2006)  85%
Primary School Enrollment (2006)  92%
Secondary School Enrollment (2006)  82%
Tertiary School Enrollment (2006)  41%
Percentage of Women among Students Studying Science (1995/1996)  44%
Percentage of Women among Students Studying Medicine (1995/1996)  48%
Percentage of Women among Students Studying Engineering (1995/1996)  23%


2006 Female Labor Force Participation Rate:  28%
Wage Equality for Similar Work (Ratio of women’s wage to men’s wage)  0.60
Enterprise-Level Policies to Combat and Prevent Sexual Harassment  3.30
    • Elementary education is free and compulsory in Jordan. A significant portion of girls were enrolled in primary school, standing at 92% in 2006. Secondary school enrollment is equally impressive at 82% in 2006. Though the figure drops to 41% for tertiary school enrollment it is still comparatively higher than those of other countries in the region . While few Jordanians study the sciences at the university level, women do compose a representative portion of these students; in the 1995-96 school year, 11.7% of women and 11.5% of men were studying the sciences (out of the entire student body population). The disparity is somewhat wider in the field of engineering, which, out of the entire student body, only 4.9% of women are in the field, while 13.4% of men are concentrating in this subject.
    • Jordanian women are constrained in their choice of profession by several laws and regulations. Women are prohibited from working in quarries or other hazardous environments, among other restrictions. As a result, women are concentrated in careers that are seen as more acceptable female professions, such as nursing and teaching .


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