Reports from CAIP Affiliates: The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy is a national organization whose mission is to serve its member colleges and schools and their respective faculties, by acting as their advocate at the national level, by providing forums for interaction and exchange of information among its members, by recognizing outstanding performance among its member educators, and by assisting member colleges and schools in meeting their mission of educating and training pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.

The AACP Bylaws provide for affiliate membership of international colleges and schools and individual pharmacy faculty or deans. International members may not vote on issues brought before the House of Delegates, but they may participate in the business of the Association’s Councils, Sections, or Special Interest Groups. Presently, all the Canadian Faculties of Pharmacy and the Thailand Schools of Pharmacy are affiliate members of AACP, along with four other international institutions. There is increasing international agreement on the role of the pharmacist in the health care system, and the curriculum developed by the US colleges/schools of pharmacy serves as a model for many other countries, therefore there is continuing and increased interest in participating in the association’s activities. Association staff, officers, and members have participated in the meetings of international pharmacy educators and have consulted on the establishment of pharmacy education programs in a number of developing countries.

In 2004, the AACP Board of Directors voted to convert the Association’s major journal, the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (AJPE) to an open-access, on-line publication ( Prior to 2003, the journal was only available in print format, and international subscribers often received the journal via mail, if at all. AJPE is the primary journal for the publication of opinion, research, and information regarding the education of the contemporary pharmacy practitioner. Any international pharmacy faculty member with an internet connection can instantaneously access the entire contents of the journal. Back issues are being loaded onto the journal website, so access to past issues will be available on-line.