Reports from CAIP Affiliates: American Geophysical Union

CAIP Annual Report 2001-2002

AGU is a worldwide scientific community that advances, through unselfish cooperation in research, the understanding of Earth and space for the benefit of humanity. The geophysical sciences transcend national boundaries and that fact is reflected in AGU’s membership. Over 32% of the more than 40,000 members reside outside of the United States.

All scientists are equals in AGU activities. In 2001, volunteers from outside the U.S. served as members of the AGU Council; on committees; as editors and associate editors of AGU’s many journals and Eos, AGU’s weekly newspaper; and as meeting program planners. Currently, 14 journal editors and over 100 associate editors reside outside of North America.

Through cooperative activities with regional, national, and international partner societies, the resources of all are extended, the geophysical sciences are given greater visibility, and individual researchers and students are better served. In conjunction with scientific societies in Russia, two new journals have been added to AGU’s World Publishing Service: Russian Journal of Earth Science and Russian Geology and Geophysics. With Chinese Journal of Geophysics, this brings the number of WPS journals to three. AGU also plans regional meetings in conjuntion with other geophysical societies and is planning to hold a joint meeting with the European Geosciences Union in Nice in 2003.

The Committee on International Participation and four Regional Advisory Committees guide AGU activities around the world. Under their leadership, AGU has opened a contact center in Moscow to serve members in Russia. In addition, the Berkner membership program, 3-year memberships for young scientists in developing countries in Africa and Southeast Asia, has continued to expand resulting in 66 membership grants. The Berkner Fund also supports an on-going travel program for students from developing countries. These travel fellowships cover all travel, food, lodging, and meeting registration for students and young scientists to attend the annual AGU Spring Meeting. In 2002, AGU awarded 7 Berkner Travel Fellowships to students from Russia, Nigeria, Armenia, and India.

Another AGU international program, the Lend-A-Hand Program, provides membership for colleagues who live in countries where it is extremely difficult to obtain U.S. funds or where the local currency is very weak. This program is funded entirely by contributions and currently serves 27 members from around the world.

Contacts and Information

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