Reports from CAIP Affiliates: American Institute of Chemists

In order to reach globally, AIC Board made a land mark decision to tap resources in Indian subcontinent and was successful in establishing the International Regional Chapter Institute in Mumbai. Encouraged by this success, AIC Board through Dr. David Riley, Chair and Dr. Harald Thimm, Vice Chair of the AIC Board sought reciprocity with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Inc. , North Melbourne, Victoria. Mr. Richard Bradley, President AIC received the formal acceptance letter from Mr. David Edmonds, President RACI and Dr. Ken Pidgeon, Chair of the Board, RACI.

Excerpts of the constitution of the AMIC (A complete constitution is available through AMIC and AIC). Asian Mid East Institute (AMIC) of Chemists was established and registered in Mumbai, India on January 3, 2001.



Names and Objectives

SECTION 1. The name of this organization shall be Asian and Mideast Institute of Chemists, hereinafter referred to as The Institute. This is a Division of The American Institute of Chemists, USA. The Registered Office of the Institute shall be C/o Dr. P.S. Ramanathan, Flat No. 6, Plot No. 24, Sri Narayana Society, Rifle Range, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai -400 086, India. The Registered Office of The Institute shall be permanently in Mumbai, India.

SECTION 2. Its objective shall be to advance the chemical professions in the Asian and Mideast countries; to promote and protect the public welfare by establishing high professional standards of practice for these professions; and to promote the professional, social, and/or economic interests of its members for the benefit of society at large. To these ends it will:

  1. Encourage adequate basic training in these professions, and admit to membership only those of proven education, experience, and competence.
  2. Establish and maintain standards of proficiency through continuing education and/or professional experience through certification, so as to encourage competent and efficient service.
  3. Seek to enhance the prestige and distinction of the chemical professions and to extend their usefulness and influence for the benefit of society.
  4. Improve the economic status of chemical scientists by cooperating with employers to set employment standards that protect the interests of chemical scientists.
  5. Establish and maintain a register of its membership.
  6. Provide a code of conduct, which protects the public from fraud and imposture, and justifies confidence in the integrity of chemical scientists.
  7. Provide means for the appropriate recognition of distinguished service to the professions, recognize promising chemical scientists at early stages of their careers, and encourage qualified young people to properly prepare for and enter the chemical professions.
  8. Cooperate with central/state government and local agencies concerned with legislation, regulation, and guidelines to enhance the role of chemical scientists in the intellectual, material, and cultural progress of the society at large
  9. Increase public understanding of the contributions of chemical scientists.
  10. Render such other services to the chemical professions as developments shall warrant and the Institute shall approve.



The Membership and scope of activities of The Institute may extend to any part of India, the Asian and Middle East countries, with Mumbai, India, remaining the permanent head quarters of the Institute.

SECTION 1. The Institute shall be composed of chemical professionals who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Institute. The membership of The Institute shall consist of Fellows, Members, Associate members and Student Members. Under certain conditions The Institute will encourage Corporate membership of reputed organizations.



SECTION 1. The official organ of The Institute shall be called The Chemical Voyage, when it is going to be published. The date of release and frequency of the publication shall be determined by the Managing Committee
SECTION 2. The subscription fee to The Institute’s publications for members, and others shall be set by the Managing Committee,
SECTION 3. The Managing Committee shall authorise the Editorial Committee to publish a directory of members, at suitable times, and set its price for members. In addition to the list of current members with addresses and titles with respect to The Institute, the following lists shall be included in any directory published by The Institute.

  1. All Gold Medallists with date of award
  2. All Chemical Pioneers with date of award.
  3. All recipients of the Presidential Citation of Merit with date of award.
  4. All Honorary Fellows with date of award.
  5. All Presidents of The Institute with dates of service.
  6. All Members and Fellows Lecturers with date of award.
  7. Other groups as the Managing Committee may prescribe.

Brief biodata and contributions made may be cited in each case. AMIC has certification Programs in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

In July 2004, AIC Board and The Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Inc entered into a formal reciprocity arrangement for mutual recognition of membership and other benefits between these two professional societies. It is expected that this action will continue strengthening of the ties between two organizations, and through these ties, an enhancement of the profession of chemistry and personal links between among members.

Chemical Pioneer Award and Gold Medal Award

In 2004, Dr. Gharda became the first recipient of the Chemical Pioneer Award. Dr. Keki hormusii Gharda, M. Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., CChem FRSC, FAIC, FAMIC, FMASc., FUWAI, Member-ACS/AOAC(INTL.) Chairman and Managing Director of Gharda Chemicals, Ltd., 5/6 Jer Mansion, W.P. Barde Road Bandra (W), Munbai-400-050, India