Reports from CAIP Affiliates: American Society for Quality

ASQ’s Vision: By making quality a global priority, an organizational imperative, and a personal ethic, ASQ becomes the community for everyone who seeks quality concepts, technology, or tools to improve themselves and their world.

Strategic Themes:

Support quality professionals and practitioners in their efforts to grow in value in the workplace and community.
Prove and communicate the economic case for quality.
Assure a vital, growing body of knowledge is available to everyone.
Become the community of choice for quality.
Expand the use and impact of quality in every sector of the economy.
Make sure the world knows the importance and value of quality.
ASQ Forums/Divisions are communities of practice specific to an industry or application. These communities are led by professionals from their own specific field.

ASQ holds an Annual Quality Congress every year in the month of May. This annual gathering draws 3000+ quality professionals from around the world.

ASQ has over 5000 members outside of North America in about 100 countries.

ASQ provides a platform for the International members to interact with each other.


ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement May 16 – 18, 2005, Seattle, Washington, U. S. A.


Quality Progress a Monthly Magazine and other 6 Quarterly Publications.