Reports from CAIP Affiliates: Hungarian Society for Microbiology

This year the Hungarian Society for Microbiology, the Croatian Microbiological Society and the Slovenian Microbiological Society organized a joint Symposium on Industrial Microbiology and Microbial Ecology. The title of the Symposium was “Power of Microbes in Industry and Environment.” It took place in Opatija, Croatia on 7-9 June, 2002. There were 21 lectures and 61 poster presentations. In addition to participants from the organizing Societies, we had keynote speakers from France, Finland, Germany and South Africa as well. The Symposium was a great success and strengthened the ties between microbiologists in the region. I wish to acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Vladimir Mrsa, President of the Organizing Committee, who did a great job.

Submitted by:
Janos Minarovits, M.D., Ph.D.
Secretary General of the
Hungarian Society for Microbiology
Microbiological Research Group
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