Reports from CAIP Affiliates: Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers

Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers was organized in 1947 to foster the interest of the chemical engineering profession and encourage the spread of chemical engineering education in India. Over the years, IIChE has emerged as an important national forum of its kind with about 18,000 members on its roll. The Institute has 40 Regional Centres and 52 Student Chapters across the country.

Major objectives of the Institute are:

  1. to promote advancement of Chemical Engineering Science
  2. to protect the interests of Chemical Engineers in general and members of the Institute in particular
  3. to conduct or subsidize research on Chemical Engineering problems.
  4. to hold examinations and prescribe syllabi therefore
  5. to grant awards, donations, scholarships, diplomas and certificates.
  6. to publish and maintain an organ of the Institute.

From its initial years, IIChE has maintained close associations with various national and international fora. Post-globalization, these initiatives gained momentum and now play a more pro-active and dynamic role in the international chemical engineering circuit.

The most recent instance of its international cooperation is the joint meeting of IIChE and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) at CHEMCON 2004, the annual chemical engineering congress and the 57th annual session of IIChE held 27 – 30 December 2004 in Mumbai. CHEMCON 2004 held daily nine parallel technical sessions where scholars from both countries participated.

CHEMCON’s four-day long intensive conference is an attractive platform for the chemical engineering fraternity of India. Memorial and distinguished lectures, international symposia and technical sessions held during the conference provide a wealth of knowledge.

The Institute is part of the Executive Committee of the World Chemical Engineering Council, organized in 2001. A major development in recent period is dual membership with AIChE.

Since 2003, the Institute has entered into an understanding with InnoCentive Inc., a US-based organization, which offers a wide platform to the international scientific community, to work on complex scientific problems and find their solutions.

Upcoming Meetings

CHEMCON 2005 will be held in New Delhi during 14 – 17 December 2005. The dates are not confirmed for CHEMCON 2006 to be held in Ankleshwar (Gujarat).