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The Science Inside Alcohol: Educational Materials

A collection of lessons and activities has been developed for the Science Inside Alcohol Project.

Science NetLinks Classroom Materials (6-8)

Alcohol and Its Impact on the Brain
Description: This lesson helps students understand how alcohol affects different parts of the brain, which in turn affects behavior.

Alcohol’s Effect on the Mind and Body
Description: This lesson helps students understand the short- and long-term effects that alcohol has on the mind and body as a first step in understanding why teenage drinking is a serious problem.

Alcohol’s Effects on Organs
Description: This lesson explores the chemical and physical effects of alcohol on these human body organ systems: the digestive system, the central nervous system, the circulatory system, and the endocrine system.

The Social Ramifications of Alcohol Abuse
Description: This lesson shows students how alcohol abuse not only affects the individual engaging in the behavior but also has ramifications for other people and society as a whole.

The Science Inside Alcohol Student E-Book
Description: An online e-book that guides students through the effects of alcohol on the body and some of the physical and social consequences of underage drinking.

Science Update Podcast

Teen Brains & Drinking
Description: Teenage binge drinking may cause significant and permanent brain damage. Learn more in this Science Update podcast.

Additional Project Resources

Delaying That First Drink: A Parents’ Guide
Description: This downloadable book helps parents understand the science behind alcohol and its effects on teenagers and offers ways to talk with their children about why they should delay drinking until they’re older.

The Science Inside Alcohol Project
Description: This brochure provides information on project goals, products under development, current research on alcohol and middle school students, and resources for alcohol educators.

Background Information about Teen Alcohol Use
Description: This teacher resource provides information about alcohol consumption among teens and preteens, the long- and short-term effects of moderate and heavy alcohol consumption, and facts.