Science for Theological Education

Science and technology affect nearly every aspect of our modern lives. A significant portion of citizens seek guidance on such issues from a trusted religious leader. However, many pastors and religious leaders feel unprepared to discuss science because, in many cases, their own experience with science has been limited. They may not have encountered science in their theological education, nor do they have reliable sources for current scientific information scoped for their needs.

DoSER has launched Phase II of a project that partners with seminaries to provide support and resources to seminary professors to encourage informed dialogue and a positive understanding of science among future religious leaders. Integrating science into seminary education will not only benefit professors and students, but ultimately it will enrich those in the pews who are interested in the discoveries and implications of science.

DoSER is also partnering with four theological institutions to enrich continuing education curricula for clergy by integrating scientific topics and technological advancements relevant to contemporary pastoral ministry into Continuing Education courses. Building on resources and relationships developed through the Science for Seminaries project, this complementary effort reaches pastors who may have had little-to-no science exposure in their previous training. Having long promoted public education about the value of science in advancing human welfare, AAAS is uniquely positioned to offer this new opportunity. The project utilizes educational formats that remove barriers of time and/or cost for clergy, identifying the most effective means of engagement and tactical approaches when integrating science-driven content.