Senior Scientists and Engineers: Supporting Documents

The following documents and information were developed for the Montgomery County Public Schools STEM Volunteer Project to ensure success.  Please feel free to adapt them for your program.

  • Teachers Flyer [PDF]
    A marketing piece to help convince teachers that this is a worthwhile program
  • Memorandum of Understanding – Sample [PDF]
    An agreement between the school district and the volunteer organization describing the program objectives
  • Volunteers Handbook [PDF]
    Information to help the volunteer have a successful partnership with the teacher
  • Guidelines for Teachers [PDF]
    Information to help the teacher have a successful partnership with the volunteer
  • Sample Letter to Teachers Regarding Volunteer Assignments [PDF]
    A letter to the teacher introducing the assigned volunteer
  • Teacher Evaluation Form [PDF]
    A form used at the end of the school year to assess the volunteer’s contribution to the class
  • Volunteer Evaluation Form [PDF]
    A form used at the end of the school year to record the volunteers impression of the partnership
  • Classroom Resources [PDF]
    A list of websites with useful scientific experiments suitable for the classroom