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Shelby Lyon - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



Shelby Lyon
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Fellowship Sponsor: Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Fellowship Site: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

I grew up in a small town in the Appalachian (that's Ap-uh-LATCH-un and don't let nobody tell ya otherwise) foothills of Kentucky. When I wasn't running wild through the woods with my cousins, I was being carted in the back of the mini-van as my older siblings were ferried to Little League games, gymnastics meets, cheerleading practices, and sleepovers. When you're the fourth of five kids, you take any chance you can get to talk to Mom and Dad one on one and, boy, did I like to ask them questions from my car seat. I'm still asking questions to this day and I've even started taking a shot at answering some of them. At the moment, I've trekked to the upper Midwest to learn about viruses. It's quite a bit colder here, and the vowels tend to have fewer syllables, but the awesome food, beautiful lakes, and great people have helped make the move easier. I've also embarked on an adventure with my second love, writing. This summer I'm completing a AAAS Mass Media Fellowship at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I love reporting on all the happenings in the science world, especially when it gets other people excited about science! Viruses, writing, cheese curds. What more could you want from life?  

Published @The Milwaukee Jounal Sentinel during Fellowship

6/10/2016          Ancient Wisconsin comes to life at Aztalan digs

6/14/2016          Bipartisan task force makes 'great progress' addressing dementia needs

6/22/2016          NASA probe on brink of unearthing Jupiter's cosmic secrets

6/25/2016          Peak turtle-crossing time brings caution from advocates

6/28/2016          Study based at UW raises hopes for Zika vaccine, immunity

7/16/2016          Studies target growing allergies | Therapies may be able to help patients

7/21/2016          Studying bacteria beyond the lab | For water-sampling experiment, UW team takes to lakes

7/25/2016          It's not easy being a sloth

7/23/2016          Health officials battle ever-changing epidemics

7/26/2016          Pokémon Go technology has lifesaving uses

7/31/2016          International Herpes meeting draws researchers to Madison

8/03/2016          Perseids to shower Earth with shooting stars

8/09/2016          Search for sterile neutrino goes dark

8/28/2016          Families grow with 'snowflake adoptions