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Stephen Ginley - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



Stephen Ginley
University of Ottawa, Eath Science & Geosciences
Fellowship Sponsor: Heising-Simons Foundation
Fellowship Site: The Raleigh News & Observer

Stephen Ginley is an aspiring science writer coming from the earth sciences. His academic career was spent studying ore deposits and the microbes involved in making them, and he hopes to use that knowledge to write about how waste from mining and industry can be recycled and used. During his undergraduate education at the University of Maryland, he spent a summer working in the policy group of the American Geosciences Institute. There he learned the importance of communication between earth scientists and the public for issues like resource management, space and ocean exploration and hazard mitigation. He has continued in the field of science communication as AAAS Mass Media Fellow. He was placed at the Raleigh News & Observer in the summer of 2016 where he wrote articles about Zika, rare earth element extraction from the waste of coal fire power plants, and the effect of low value wood harvesting on the ecosystem of logging fields. 

Published @The Raleigh News & Observer during Fellowship

6/07/2016          Zika research, prevention discussed at NC conference

6/08/2016          Texas man receives NC’s first hand transplant at Duke

6/22/2016          New map shows clustering of hog, poultry operations

6/24/2016          Duke researchers: NC coal ash could be a resource, not just a hazard

7/05/2016          NCSU study: Harvesting for wood pellets has no impact on woodland life

7/08/2016          Scientists ask for help finding zombie bees in NC

7/25/2016          Mosquito that commonly carries Zika is not common in NC

8/04/2016          NCSU faculty teaches law enforcement to find where the bodies are buried

8/06/2016          UNC researchers link gut bacteria to infant brain development