The Sponsors

The program is made possible thanks in large part to the generous sponsors who help fund the fellowships each year. Their support is an invaluable asset for the program. However, the fellows are not the only ones who benefit from this relationship. The sponsoring organizations gain from having critical mass media communications skills resident among people from their disciplinary areas. And, many current and former sponsors have cultivated long-term relationships with their fellows.

In 2018 we are happy to announce the Ralph W.F. Hardy Mass Media Fellowship which will support an Agricultural Biotechnology student/scientist in the Mass Media Fellowship each year for 12 years.

The affiliates, foundations and other private organizations that are financially contributing to the 2018 Mass Media Science and Engineering fellowship are:

If you are interested in sponsoring a fellow or would like more information about sponsorship, please email NOW!

The Host Sites

Each year different media sites agree to host a AAAS Mass Media Fellow. Some of the sites have been with the program for many years and say they enjoy the experience as much as the fellows. The on-site mentor and the staff the fellows work with each day are an integral part of the program as they guide the fellow through the ins and outs of journalism and communicating with the public. Once a fellow is selected for the program they are assigned to a media site. The 2017 host sites were: