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Training and Resources

One of the goals of CSCCE is to provide a range of training options and accessible resources to support scientific community professionals, and organizations working with or funding scientific communities.

Our training activities

We’ve worked with a growing range of organizations to support them in their scientific community-building activities. Our training formats range from hour-long webinars to multi-day training workshops. 

Our training topics so far have included:

  • Are you a scientific community manager? Exploring the skillsets of scientific community managers using the CEFP skills wheel
  • Life cycles models to understand the evolution of your community – and how to match your community strategy to your lifecycle stage
  • Conflict resolution and team-building – exploring styles of conflict, stakeholder engagement and planning for successful collaborations
  • Introduction to community playbooks for i) research collaborations ii) member associations and iii) volunteer organizations.
  • Community playbook creation for organizations undergoing transition
  • Creating a strategic roadmap for your community team
  • Building a scientific community of practice using a theory-driven approach


Organizations that we’ve worked with include: The American Physical Society (APS), The Carpentries, IceCube, ORCID, NSF Centers for Chemical Innovation, numfocus, and Science Borealis.

CSCCE staff have run workshops and other interactive sessions at meetings convened by: AGU, AAAS, Mozilla Science Lab, NSF EPSCoR, NSF INCLUDES, Science of Team Science, SciOut18 and URSSI.

If you have questions or specific training requirements, please contact us by emailing to discuss your needs.


Other resources

i) State of scientific community management survey – In 2016 we carried out a survey of over 100 scientific community professionals to determine more about their career paths to date, their skillsets and challenges. You can read the survey results here.

ii) Blog posts

Our blog is the largest freely accessible resource of scientific community engagement information online. It includes:

We are in the process of consolidating additional resources for release in 2019.