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Virtual Science Engagement Group Discussions


Join our monthly Virtual #SciEngage Group Discussions related to public engagement with science! The AAAS Center for Public Engagement with Science & Technology, along with staff from the American Society for Microbiology and the Association of Science and Technology Centers, organize these in-depth discussions among public engagement practitioners, professionals and other stakeholders. The meetings (accessed online through Zoom, and recorded) are open to anyone interested in public engagement with science, and envisioned as another place to continue conversations begun at in-person meetings and conferences. Topics of upcoming and past virtual meetings are listed below.

Conversations continue online! For resources/links from past sessions and a place to continue the discussion, join the Public Engagement with Science Group on Trellis Communities by AAAS. 

If you would like to pitch an idea for a future meeting, please contact Geoff Hunt at or Emily Therese Cloyd at To join our email list, click here, and watch for #SciEngage announcements on Twitter (@MeetAScientist). We look forward to hearing from you!


Upcoming Conversations:


Videos and Discussion Links from Past Meetings:

YouTube playlist of all videos is found here. Individual videos are linked below:


January 22, 2021: Adapting Public Engagement Practices to a Virtual World.


November 2020: Being Kind to Your Mental Health  *due to the sensitive nature of the topic, this meeting was not recorded.

September 2020: Gathering Thoughts on What's Next 

June 2020Professional Society Civic Science Initiative

May 2020: Inclusive Public Science Events (discussion thread)

April 2020: University/ISE Partnerships for Broader Impacts (discussion thread)

March 2020: Science Talk (discussion thread)

February 2020: Connecting Millennials to Science (discussion thread)

January 2020: Integrating Science Outreach into the Research Enterprise (discussion thread)


December 2019: AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion (discussion thread)

November 2019: Inclusive SciComm (plus news story and discussion thread)

October 2019: NAS Advancing SciComm Research & Practice (discussion thread)

August 2019: NPR SciCommers 

June 2019: Pairing Scientists and Artists to Create Infographics

May 2019: Support Systems for Scientists' Engagement (discussion thread)

April 2019: Reporting Out from the 2019 AISL PI Meeting (discussion thread)

March 2019: Frameworks for Understanding the Public Engagement Landscape (discussion thread)

February 2019: Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) Center 


October 2018: SciOut18- Lessons and Next Steps

September 2018: Engaging Underserved Audiences 

August 2018: Community Engagement and Behavioral Shifts

July 2018: Facilitating Engagement with Policymakers


SciEngage YouTube Channel with recordings of past online chats