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Amanda Grennell

2018 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

University of Colorado Boulder, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Fellowship Sponsor: American Chemical Society
Fellowship Site: PBS NewsHour

Last summer, I completed my PhD in Chemistry as a NSF fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder. In graduate school I used ultrafast lasers to study the heck out of a biomimetic nanoparticle-enzyme system that can turn sunlight into fuel. As a senior editor for the graduate student-run blog Science Buffs, I got hooked on sharing the excitement and passion researchers have for science with a broad audience. I also acted as artistic director for the first annual ComSciCon Rocky Mountain West, which I absolutely loved. I am now pursuing a career as a science writer while I continue as an editor at Science Buffs, write for Chembites, and co-lead 500 Women Scientists Missoula. This summer, I am delighted to join the PBS NewsHour team!

Fellowship publications at PBS NewsHour

6/13/2018          Antarctica is losing ice twice as fast as anyone thought

6/22/2018          To beat Vegas bookies at the World Cup, these statisticians turned to artificial intelligence

7/05/2018          Spiders fly on the currents of Earth's electric field

7/06/2018          What happened to Zika?

7/12/2018          What is a blazar? Its high-energy flares could unlock the foundations of the universe

7/16/2018          Why 96 million plastic ‘shade balls’ dumped into the LA Reservoir may not save water

7/24/2018          California wines contain Fukushima radiation, and it’s not a bad thing

7/24/2018          Is the Lorax actually a monkey (Instagram)

8/02/2018          A child lost a sixth of his brain, then made an amazing comeback

8/07/2018          CDC says 1 in 7 babies exposed to Zika have health problems

8/14/2018          Infections from a dog lick are a risk but very rare. Experts say get medical help fast.

8/22/2018          Why the EPA is looking at a link between formaldehyde and leukemia