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Anna Groves

2018 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

Michigan State University, Dept. Plant Biology and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, & Behavior Program
Fellowship Sponsor: American Society for Plant Biologists
Fellowship Site: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What I love most about being a scientist is having the knowledge and position to share information about the natural world with others. Whether it’s writing for my blog, Plant//People, speaking to a crowd at a local bar about fun science, or asking my Representatives to support the sciences, I love trying to make the connections people need to be stoked about science and nature. I’m currently wrapping up my dissertation on tallgrass prairie restoration at Michigan State University, and ready to tackle science communication full time. I am thrilled to join the team at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this summer, experience life in a newsroom, and hopefully grab a few Wisconsin brews along the way.

Fellowship publications  at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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7/09/2018          Want to prevent your children from getting cancer? Doctors push HPV vaccine

7/10/2018          Wisconsin DHS reports first death by Rocky Mountain spotted fever

7/12/2018          Don't panic over first Rocky Mountain spotted fever death in Wisconsin, but be careful

7/13/2018          They're beautiful — and in danger. Now, a huge effort focuses on saving monarch butterflies

7/16/2018          You say it could never happen, but it does. Here are the reasons infants are left in cars

7/18/2018          Williams Bay's Yerkes Observatory, no longer a star in astronomy, faces uncertain future

7/20/2018          The shocking truth about lightning strikes: Weather expert busts our misconceptions

7/25/2018          Wisconsin adoptee finds half-sister and reunites with siblings after 23andMe genetic testing

7/27/2018          PolitiFact: On the environment, is Scott Walker 'gagging' scientists and letting 'polluters' write permits?

8/01/2018          Ask an Animal Biologist: Kids learn and play with scientists at free activity fair Thursday in Milwaukee

8/01/2018          Service that delivers birth control, HIV prevention to your door comes to Wisconsin

8/06/2018          For plant lovers, Wisconsin State Fair has 22,000 to see, smell

8/07/2018          Shaping up at work: Milwaukee companies create supportive atmosphere for employee health

8/21/2018          Revolutionary corn discovery could save fertilizer, limit runoff and transform agriculture

8/17/2018          Students search for new antibiotics in initiative that brings real science to classrooms