Anna Kusmer

2017 Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

McGill University, Natural Resource Sciences
Fellowship Sponsor: Heising-Simons Foundation
Fellowship Site: KQED Science

I have just finished my MSc in sustainability and environmental science at McGill University. My research interests are sustainability science, food systems, and bridging the human-nature divide. My thesis focused on how long-term agricultural activities in landscapes affect current and future water quality. I have an interest in how we can transform our food systems to be more sustainable and just, and how science and systems thinking can help us achieve this. I am also interested in how positive transformation happens in society and how inspiring small-scale projects can scale up to create wider change towards a more sustainable future. I have a great interest in science communication, and I believe that stories can change the world. I am thrilled to spend the summer at KQED in San Francisco.

Fellowship publications at KQED Science

6/14/2017         Historic Shipwreck Found a Century After Sinking Off California Coast

6/30/2017         Science for the People: Grab Your Phone and Help Snap Pictures of Coastal Biodiversity

7/21/2017         A Fight for the Future of Point Reyes

7/27/2017         Lyme Disease in California? It's Here and it's Complicated

7/31/2017         Quitting Rates are Up, Electronic Cigarettes May be Helping

8/11/2017         Help Make History: Eclipse Projects for Citizen Scientists

8/17/2017         Algae-Poisoned Sea Lions Inundate Marine Mammal Center

8/23/2017         Lakes Reopened in Bay Area, but Risks of Algae Blooms Persist

9/19/2017         TBP

1/16/2018         TBP