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Beth Rosner

Interim Director

Beth Rosner is Interim Director of the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) program. She is the former Publisher of Science and Director for the Office of Publishing and Member Service where she oversaw all aspects of publishing Science, including finance, marketing, licensing, sales and membership. During her tenure, working with editorial, she helped develop several new scholarly publications including Science Translational Medicine and the open access title, Science Advances.

For the past five years she has worked for the AAAS CEO and Executive Office on a variety of organizational, management and financial issues across the AAAS organization, and currently is a member of the AAAS leadership team. Most recently, she has been working with STPF on a landscape review of the fellowship community both in the US and internationally.

Beth holds a BA and MA from Johns Hopkins University and completed a graduate certificate program in administration and management from Harvard University Extension.

After some 30 years in the DC area, she relocated to Pittsburgh where she lives now with her husband.