Bianca Datta

2017 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab (Media Arts and Sciences)
Fellowship Sponsor: IEEE
Fellowship Site: NOVA

I am a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab and I study materials (both how we can leverage them for technology and how we perceive them). I am part of the Object-Based Media group, in which I investigate how to create and transform interactive displays and interfaces, focusing on the human response to material properties. I have worked on the development of holographic video devices, and I’m now also exploring responsive material systems.  Through this research, I want to understand how dynamic or responsive technologies can impact wellbeing. In the past I spent time as a Peer Advisor, Resident Advisor, and Teaching Assistant and I worked in a Chemistry/ Materials Science lab researching quantum dot materials for photovoltaic applications.

Outside of the lab, I now serve as a Graduate Community fellow developing and organizing programs for graduate women, and as a Graduate Resident Tutor in an undergraduate hall, as well as a mentor for Minds Matter in Boston. I enjoy spending time in my school and local community, which in turn feeds back into my academic research. Human impact is at the center of my scientific work, so I’m interested in science communication and representation for education, engagement, and wellbeing. I am excited to join Nova this summer as an intern and learn more about communicating technical information to the public.  

I enjoy eating frozen yogurt, drinking tea, and exploring cities. I’m frequently excited by dinosaurs and sushi, and I hope to one day apply my materials science background to a career in human-centered materials design and research.

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