Carolyn Wilke

2017 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

Northwestern University, Environmental Engineering
Fellowship Sponsor: Heising-Simons Foundation
Fellowship Site: Sacramento Bee

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Engineering and Presidential Fellow at Northwestern University, where I study the fate of nanomaterials (tiny pieces of matter a thousand times smaller than the width of a hair) in the environment. Specifically, I research the chemistry of nano-silver and nano-titanium dioxide, two commonly used nanoparticles, and their toxicity to bacteria in aquatic ecosystems.

Outside of the lab, I am an avid science communicator. I regularly contribute to HELIX Magazine, Northwestern’s online science magazine, writing about topics that I find fascinating like bioluminescent bacteria and argyria, an obscure medical condition that results in blue skin. I also enjoy interviewing civil and environmental engineering researchers for my podcast Inhabiting Earth.


Fellowship publications at Sacramento Bee

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