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Diane Circelli-Garcia, 2006 Intern

I applied for the Science Minority Writers Internship for three reasons: to improve as a science writer by working with professionals, to witness-up close and personal-the science writing environment, and to evaluate how my voice could contribute to the field. While the first two goals were accomplished by completing the internship, the last goal will be a lifetime quest, since I discovered an unexpected pearl-the joy of realizing that the way I see and select science stories matters: to readers, who’ll benefit from the science knowledge and to the scientists, who finally pierce through a veil of discovery and appreciate it being shared with colleagues and the public. Many of the stories I wrote were those that others didn’t pursue; yet, I passionately believed these hopeful stories needed telling. Some times, I’d wonder why I had chosen such difficult topics, as they required much more time. Reminding myself why these stories captured my imagination, I’d take heart and continue.

I look forward to applying the wealth of knowledge that Science reporters gave me. Not only will I do that, but I will also pass it on to others, so they can benefit too. Through MSWI, I gained another joy in self-expression, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.