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Dolly Krishnaswamy, 2010 Intern

I’ll never be able to get enough of that constant back-and-forth between editor and writer. Those meetings to talk about your writing and even just the rapid exchange of emails make for a really valuable and exhilarating experience. With each edit, you immediately get this sense of instant redemption, because you’ve made a step toward improving your writing and your communication skills- and you got to really understand the fundamentals of some cool science along the way. I could list out what seems like the million things I learned over this summer like avoid academic language, stick to the main point, make sure you’re not over exaggerating, let your personality come through wherever it wants to, and so on. However, I think the more important take-away lesson is to realize that the editing process plays into the bigger picture as a tool for growth. As far as being a science writer goes, editing is the crash course that never stops. It’s racing, fast-paced, and you’re always absorbing more than you thought you could.