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Elizabeth Gamillo

Minority Science Writers Intern

Elizabeth Gamillo

Minority Science Writers Intern

Alverno College
Biology, Creative Writing Minor

I am a student at Alverno college in Milwaukee, WI majoring in Biology with a Creative Writing support. I am set to graduate in December of 2018. At Alverno, I am a teaching assistant/mentor for the Alverno College’s Girls’ Academy of Science and Mathematics. I also started a science journalism student organization on campus and write for the Milwaukee Area Science Advocates. I aspire to be a scientist as well as a science writer. Aside writing, I like to read science-fiction novels and write short stories.

Read Elizabeth's published stories in Science by clicking the links below

6/14/2018         Human activity is causing more and more animals to embrace the night

6/14/2018         Fecal transplants might help save vulnerable koalas

6/20/2018         An unknown mutation is saving sea stars from wasting disease

6/25/2018         Why your pet rabbit is more docile than its wild relative

6/27/2018         The oldest images of this bird are forcing experts to rethink ancient trade routes

6/29/2018         Belize’s coral reef is no longer endangered

7/06/2018         Resurrecting the near-extinct white rhinoceros

7/16/2018         The way you cry as a baby may predict your voice as an adult

7/19/2018         NASA observatory spots a star eating a planet

7/24/2018         Whale sharks can live up to 130 years

7/30/2018         A psychedelic keeps this cicada flying even after a fungus has destroyed its abdomen

8/01/2018         World’s biggest king penguin population plummets 90%

8/01/2018         Science candidates are on the ballot next week in three states

8/02/2018         Atmospheric carbon last year reached levels not seen in 800,000 years

8/03/2018         Ghost peppers are saving U.S. grasslands—by scaring off hungry mice

8/06/2018         Lab-grown lungs transplanted into pigs

8/10/2018         No life in the Omega Centauri system, scientists say


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Elizabeth Gamillo

Minority Science Writers Intern