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Genevra Ornelas, 2005 Intern

This program was the best thing I could have done after graduation. I got to have fun learning hands-on about an area of science I never knew before, and, I got to learn more science! I was intrigued by the typical day of a science journalist interviewing politicians and contemplating the effects of hurricanes on global warming at the same time. Coming away from the program I have learned skills that will help me communicate science to my community including asking the right questions during an interview. Interviewing and meeting scientists was one of the most amazing parts of the work because sometimes you can slip in a question you yourself are simply curious about.

If you are interested in science journalism this program is a great choice. It allows you to explore hands-on the many facets of communicating science news well. A typical week can be diverse, involving participation in the art department, writing up radio scripts, attending press meetings and other events, maintaining good and constant communication with editors, and having fun sifting through press releases to propose a story idea. The staff is great and don’t hesitate to make you feel part of a team.