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Giuliana A. Viglione

2018 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

California Institute of Technology, Geological and Planetary Sciences (Environmental Science)
Fellowship Sponsor: Fellowship Site: King5 News

I’m a PhD candidate at Caltech using underwater robots to study climate change in Antarctica. I spend most of my time thinking about the intersections of science, policy, and society and how to improve scientific literacy. To that end, I co-founded Caltech Letters, an online publication that amplifies the voices and research of the Caltech community. When not on a ship, I can be found yelling at a soccer game, cuddled up with my cat and a book, or over-using the heart-eyes emoji. Likes include pre-industrial levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and very cold water; dislikes include coral reef bleaching and gender inequity in STEM.

Fellowship publications  at King5 News

6/15/2018         Low vaccination rates in King County cause for concern

6/19/2018         El Niño watch could mean warmer winter in Pacific Northwest

6/23/2018         Catching a killer: How Tacoma police used genetic genealogy to crack 1986 cold case

6/23/2018         Baby mountain goat at Woodland Park Zoo makes public debut

6/26/2018         Storms of the century may be on the rise in King County

6/27/2018         Ocean robots help NOAA assess fishery health

6/29/2018         3-D soccer: Is this UW's ultimate goooooooal?

7/01/2018         Seattle plastic utensil ban: What kind of straws are actually eco-friendly?

7/03/2018         O say can you see: Are fireworks particles bad for your health?

7/10/2018        New research says HPV tests, not pap smears, should be used to detect cervical cancer

7/05/2018        Air quality after 4th of July

7/10/2018        What’s in the water? King County program keeps beaches safe for swimmers

7/11/2018        Washington endangered hatchling turtles readied for release to wild

7/13/2018        Envirotalk

7/16/2018        Air quality on the decline in Northwest even as emissions fall

7/17/2018        Female police chiefs rare in nation's largest cities

7/18/2018        Rising sea levels are coming for the internet

7/19/2018        Climate change chat with Giuliana Viglione

7/24/2018        Cold at work? It could be office sexism

7/24/2018        Earthquake swarm strikes off West Coast

7/24/2018        It's not just you: Science shows why women are colder in offices than men

7/25/2018        These common food additives may be harmful to children, UW report finds

7/30/2018        You're probably using sunscreen wrong, warn scientists

7/30/2018        How changing sea levels could affect 171 Washington sites

8/01/2018        You're probably using sunscreen wrong

8/01/2018        'It hurts your heart': Scientists study grieving orca mom carrying dead calf for 8 days

8/03/2018        As another orca falters, daring rescue plan is hatched

8/06/2018        'Skinny whales around the world': Is intervention for J-50 too little, too late?

8/07/2018        NOAA: Antibiotic injection top priority for ailing orca

8/08/2018        Acidifying oceans killing fish’s sense of smell, say scientists

8/09/2018        Orcas' J pod spotted, now weather stands in the way of intervention

8/09/2018        Salmon cannon creators hope to save southern resident orcas

8/10/2018        Endangered turtles released into wild in Pierce County

8/13/2018        Scientists deliver salmon to ailing orca J50

8/14/2018        Rare 'King-of-the-Salmon' fish washes up in Deception Pass

8/14/2018        Hazy skies across Northwest - Science journalist Giuliana Viglione talks to Take 5

8/15/2018        UW study shows ocean may be ‘breathing out’ more carbon dioxide than thought

8/16/2018        Something’s fishy: UW research shows pollution negatively impacts a fish's sense of smell

8/17/2018        Didn’t know physical exercise decreases cancer risks? You’re not alone