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Ian Haydon

2018 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

University of Washington, Biochemistry
Fellowship Sponsor:
Fellowship Site: The Philadelphia Inquirer

I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Washington’s Institute for Protein Design. My lab blends computer science and biochemistry, yielding new proteins that can act as medicines, materials and more. For my thesis I am attempting to nix Obama’s ‘red line’ by designing anti-nerve agent enzymes. Before coming to grad school, I worked on converting agricultural plant waste into useful fuels in the California biotech industry. I’m also an avid science communicator. I’ve tutored genetics abroad, talked science in the streets and am a Science Communication Fellow at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. My writing for The Conversation has appeared in Scientific American, Fast Company, Salon and more than 30 other online outlets. This summer, I’ll be joining the crew at the Philadelphia Inquirer to report on the progress and process of science.

Fellowship publications  at The Philadelphia Inquirer

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7/12/2018          For the first time, scientists harness 'ghost particles' to study the universe and its black holes

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7/26/2018          How opioids reshape your brain

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8/01/2018          Move over, birds. New Jersey considers naming a 'state microbe.'

8/07/2018          Scientists peer inside cancer using water and light

8/08/2018          Cancer 'drones' in blood weaken immune system, Penn scientists show

8/10/2018          EPA's new asbestos rule: Philadelphia doctors call it 'a death sentence'

8/14/2018          Elephants ward off cancer via 'zombie gene'

8/16/2018          How do Americans view genetic engineering of humans, animals? Men and women disagree, survey finds

8/17/2018          Smoke from Western wildfires is coloring Philly skies