Jenna Gallegos

2017 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

University of California Davis, Plant Biotechnology
Fellowship Sponsor: American Society of Plant Biologists
Fellowship Site: Washington Post

I will be graduating from UC Davis with a PhD in plant biotechnology in June of 2017. For my dissertation, I studied the fundamental mechanisms that control gene activity in plants. In my free time, I write and make videos about food and agricultural science issues, exciting new discoveries in biology, and my experiences teaching science to K-12 students. I’m excited to engage in more formal science communication as an intern at the Washington Post this summer. After my internship, I plan to study how to improve the production of pharmaceuticals in yeast at Colorado State University.

Fellowship publications at Washington Post

6/15/2017          In the hunt for new antibiotics, scientists hit pay dirt

6/22/2017          Our gut talks and sometimes argues with our brain. Now we know how.

6/24/2017          This quiet agricultureal moonshot could change the future of food

6/29/2017          Controversial pesticides may threaten queen bees. Alternatives could be worse.

7/03/2017          Rising temperatures could bump you from your flight. Thanks climate change.

7/10/2017          Brain-training games don’t really train brains, a new study suggests

7/10/2017          New drug restores memories in brain-damaged mice

7/13/2017          Climate change could make flying even more hellish

7/21/2017          Nutrition science isn't broken, it's just wicked hard

7/24/2017          10 mega myths about farming to remember on your next grocery run

7/24/2017          One surprising way money can buy happiness, according to scientists

7/27/2017          Stretch glue inspired by slugs could be the future of sutures

8/02/2017          Streetlights may interfere with a bug’s most important job

8/04/2017          The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is larger than ever. Here’s what to do about it.

8/04/2017          GMO salmon caught in U.S. regulatory net, but Canadians have eaten 5 tons

8/15/2017          Grain-free pet foods are no healthier, vets say. Focus on this nutrition issue instead

8/16/2017          This morbid microbe’s infection strategy is gross but genius

8/18/2017          From beer to bread and back again to solve ‘the world’s dumbest problem’

09/01/2017        Decoding the mysteries of a child’s developing brain