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Jeremy Frieling

I am a PhD student at the University of South Florida and Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL studying cancer biology.  The lab that I work in is primarily interested in understanding how and why certain cancers are more likely to spread to the skeleton, and my personal project has focused on uncovering new mechanisms that the cancer cells use to communicate with other cells in the bone.  I am nearly finished preparing my dissertation and will defend in just a few weeks!  Throughout my training, the importance of science education and communication, especially with the general public, has become increasingly evident.  Currently, I volunteer with a science outreach group in Tampa that brings the community and local scientists together for relaxed evenings of scientific learning and discussion.  Some of our discussion topics have included marine science, medical research, climate change, and even volcanology!  As an AAAS Mass Media Fellow, I am very excited to write and learn with the Raleigh News & Observer this summer.