Jesse Dunietz

2017 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science
Fellowship sponsor: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Fellowship site: Scientific American

I’m finishing up a Ph.D. in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, where I teach computers to understand English. In particular, we humans use a bewildering variety of language to talk about cause and effect, so I build software to help computers decipher what we mean. (Side benefit: if anyone questions whether I understand cause and effect, I’ll get to say I literally have a Ph.D. in it.)

Beyond research, I’m a long-time science communication aficionado. I was the founding president of Carnegie Mellon's Public Communication for Researchers program, which helps graduate students learn to communicate about science with people of all backgrounds. I’ve also served on the Organizing Committee of ComSciCon, and I freelance regularly for outlets like Motherboard and Nautilus. I can’t wait to dive deeper into science writing this summer at Scientific American.

Oh, and I’m easily distracted by birds.

Fellowship publications at Scientific American

6/15/2017          China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet

6/30/2017          Light-powered computers brighten AI's future

7/13/2017          Nevermore, or Tomorrow? Ravens Can Plan Ahead

7/17/2017          Lawbreaking Particles May Point to a Previously Unknown Force in the Universe

7/27/2017          Robotic Exoskeleton Adapts While It’s Worn

7/28/2017          Robots, start your engines!

8/03/2017          Ever-Elusive Neutrinos Spotted Bouncing Off Nuclei for the First Time

8/16/2017          The Imperfect Crime: How the WannaCry Hackers Could Get Nabbed

8/22/2017          Cryptographers and Geneticists Unite to Analyze Genomes They Can’t See

8/23/2017          Is the Power Grid Getting More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

8/28/2017          Floating Treasure: Space Law Needs to Catch Up with Asteroid Mining