Jonathan Wosen

2017 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

Stanford University, Immunology
Fellowship Sponsor: American Physiological Society
Fellowship Site: STAT

I am a PhD student in immunology at Stanford. In the lab, I study the small, short-lived epithelial cells that line the small intestine. It turns out that these cells do more than absorb nutrients from your food and can interact with the immune system in important ways. My research is about understanding those interactions.

Outside the lab, I write and host for the Goggles Optional podcast and contribute to a student-run science blog. For years, I've had a nagging thought that, if I hadn't gone into science, I would have pursued journalism. I've learned to embrace both of these passions through science journalism, and am excited to spend this summer in Boston as an intern for STAT.


Fellowship publications at STAT

6/20/2017          How coconut oil got a reputation for being healthy in the first place

6/30/2017          Mini colons, grown from stem cells, could let docs test personalized drugs

7/21/2017          Forget sharks: 7 things in the water swimmers should actually fear

7/26/2017          A tiny part of the brain appears to orchestrate the whole body's aging

7/20/2017          Could cows be the vaccine factories of the future

7/26/2017          Pharma companies flock to new drug production approach that promises big savings

8/04/2017          Meet the plastic surgeon who moonlights as an animal doctor

8/19/2017          Genetic Tweaks to TB Could Speed up Discovery of a New Vaccine