Kai Sinclair

2017 Pitt's Family AAAS Minority Science Writers Intern

Howard University, Journalism and Chemistry
Internship Sponsor: Pitt's Family Foundation

Kai Sinclair is a rising senior at Howard University in Washington, D.C. where she studies print journalism and chemistry. She was first introduced to science journalism after the chair of Howard’s Media, Journalism, and Film Department encouraged her to attend the Association for Health Care Journalists’ Conference in 2016. Since then, she’s been a member of the AHCJ. She's also a news section staff writer for Howard's historic newspaper, The Hilltop. She's covered stories from on-campus protests, to the latest news about Syria's Civil War. Additionally, Kai is the president of Bison's Promise, a Howard mentoring organization, a member of I.Am.We Contemporary Dance Co., and a STEM Program Facilitator at Girls Inc. DC Metro where she works to encourage middle school girls to explore STEM fields though hands-on experiments.

Read Kai's published stories in Science by clicking the links below

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7/24/2017          How did Salvador Dalí’s mustache survive his death?

8/07/2017          China’s switch from elephant ivory to mammoth ivory worries advocates

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