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Kathryn Furby

2018 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

UC San Diego, Scripps Oceanography
Fellowship Sponsor: AAAS
Fellowship Site: Washington Post
@seakaterun and @tinybeaker

I completed an interdisciplinary PhD in marine biology, with a focus in science communication from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography last year. My dissertation investigated coral regrowth and the limits of coral survival. As a scientist, I was lucky enough to study remote, wild places most people will never see. I started producing videos and written pieces about our research because I wanted to share these experiences. I am now a full time a science writer and producer, owner of Tiny Beaker Media, communicating research and natural history with everyone from professors to YouTubers. My favorite things to talk about are podcasts and my dog. I’m looking forward to joining the Washington Post newsroom!

Fellowship publications  at Washington Post

6/14/2018         Climate change is moving fish around faster than laws can handle, study says

6/20/2018         A giant wave of plastic garbage could flood the U.S., a study says

6/21/2018         Monarch butterflies’ migration is part relay race, part obstacle course — and full of danger

7/07/2018         Fourth of July celebrations more meaningful, worrisome for some Americans

7/11/2018         These American salamanders are tougher than climate change — for now

7/18/2018         Alcohol-related liver deaths have increased sharply

7/20/2018         Rare asteroid duo dances in the stars

7/24/2018         Thousands of scientists object to Trump’s border wall

7/25/2018         Shark Week Newsletter

7/26/2018         The first map of ocean wilderness shows ‘nowhere is safe’

8/02/2018         An ancient lake holds secrets to the Mayan civilization’s mysterious collapse, study finds

8/03/2018         A red tide ravaging Florida may have killed a whale shark for the first known time

8/08/2018         Online data study quantifies what's 'out of your league'

8/10/2018         Most people who think they have a penicillin allergy are wrong. That’s dangerous.

8/14/2018         Florida declares a state of emergency as red tide kills animals and disrupts tourism

8/15/2018         Children who lived with smokers are more likely to die of lung disease as adults, study says

8/17/2018         Hundreds of animals are dying in red tide. These people are trying to save them.