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Natalie Villacorta, 2011 Intern

This internship flew by faster than any of my previous summer jobs. Every day was exciting and fresh after all, journalists cover the news. There were always new discoveries, new programs, and new debates. But because newsrooms are so busy, I had to learn to speak up and make my voice heard. I devoured as many press releases as I could fill my inbox with, searching for story ideas. It was so gratifying when an idea was accepted, and I was launched into a new adventure. A semester of learning was packed into each story. One week I was familiarizing myself with fluid dynamics, the next genetically inherited disorders. The opportunity to converse with important people, learn from professional journalists, and be treated as a serious journalist myself was thrilling. This internship has reaffirmed my passion for science writing, and I cant wait to take what Ive learned back to my campus newspaper: dont use jargon, play dumb, be persistent, do your homework, and most importantly, be concise!