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Neha Gupta Goyal

Project Director of Systems

Neha Gupta Goyal is STPF Project Director of Systems. She oversees software and technology systems and web platforms associated with STPF operations. She plays an integral role in managing the entire development lifecycle of mission critical technological solutions that support operations, management, communications, marketing, and alumni relations.

With more than 15 years of experience in software and website development, Neha is an engineering expert specializing in CMS development and CRM tools. In the past, she led the web development team at a think tank and has worked in the publishing industry, for communications and digital strategy agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Neha grew up in New Delhi, India and moved to the United States for college. As a Rochester Institute of Technology alum, she earned her bachelors and masters of science in Information Technology. In addition, Neha was a professional wedding planner and blogger, and owned a series of small businesses. Her hobbies include bullet journaling, DIY arts and crafts, and Bollywood dance. She lives in the Washington D.C. region with her husband and two children.