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Nicholas St. Fleur, 2012 Intern

With a semester of science editing experience under my belt, I was eager to see how the job was done on the professional level where the science stories are bigger and the deadlines are shorter. It was such a thrill experiencing first-hand the fast-paced environment of the Science newsroom during a summer that saw the announcement of the Higgs Boson discovery and the successful landing of the Curiosity Mars Rover. For ten-weeks I was a full-fledged reporter pitching story ideas, interviewing top scientists, and meeting leading science policy makers – all the while writing breaking science news articles for thousands of people to read. Every week I was constantly cramming some new science subject into my head, whether it was about invasive species for a live-chat or learning about Neanderthal extinction theories for a podcast. I came away from this internship and returned to my college newspaper feeling like a science writing Swiss-army knife — well equipped and ready to cover a variety of new and exciting science stories.