Nick Thieme

2017 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

University of Maryland, Computer Science
Fellowship Sponsor: American Statistical Association
Fellowship Site: Slate

I’m a 3rd year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Maryland. My work centers around developing theory and algorithms for the analysis of epigenetic data. I also develop new visualization techniques to, hopefully, make my work more interpretable to myself and others. In the past, I've taught computers to gain semantic knowledge from text data at Comcast Labs, discovered new stars at NASA, and studied tuberculosis at RPI. When I’m not squirreled away running code, I enjoy reading and writing weird fiction, picking up and putting down heavy objects in the interest of getting stronger, and playing video games even though I’m probably too old for them. I’m wildly excited to bring my eclectic background to Slate Magazine as I write for them over the summer of 2017.

Fellowship publications at Slate Magazine

6/16/2017          Climate Change Would Be the Perfect Target of Jeff Bezos' Philanthropic Plans

6/20/2017          Reminder: Poor People Don't Eat More Fast Food

6/21/2017          Malicious Tree Planting is a Slow, Expensive Way to Exact Revenge

6/23/2017          Pruitt is Paving the Way for an Industry-Led EPA

7/03/2017          How to Celebrate the Fourth of July While Minimizing Bird Carnage

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7/11/2017          The Gruesome Truth About Lab-Grown Meat

7/12/2017          You Can Now Buy Chocolate Powder To Snort

7/12/2017          A Ukranian Cyberattack Shows How Dangerous Software Backdoors Can Be

7/14/2017          Man Charged For Killing Eagle That Was Eating Too Many Fish

7/19/2017          What To Do If Your Bedroom Is Invaded by Tens of Thousands of Bees

7/20/2017          Miguided Attempt to Free Thousands of Minks Goes Horribly Wrong

7/21/2017          The Fake-Image Arms Race

7/21/2017          A Tennesse Jail Is Offering Vasectomies for Reduced Prison Time

7/27/2017          Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk Are Both Wrong About A.I.

7/28/2017          Yes, U.S. Scientists Edited an Embryo’s Genes, but Super-Babies Are a Ways Away

8/01/2017          What’s the Point of a Robot Soccer Tournament if the Robots Are Terrible at Soccer?

8/02/2017          Will Lowering P-Value Thresholds Help Fix Science?

8/03/2017          Anti-Vaxxers Are Apparently Refusing to Vaccinate Their Dogs

8/04/2017          Bitcoin Has Split Into Two Cryptocurrencies. What, Exactly, Does That Mean?

8/18/2017          A Brief History of Eclipse Glasses and the People Who Forgot to Wear Them