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Nisha Giridharan, 2013 Intern

Before starting my internship at Science magazine, I had written just a few science stories for my school newspaper. As I sat in my cubicle the first day, I was overwhelmed. Everyone around me had years of science writing experience and a knack for finding interesting and unique story ideas. I wondered if I would ever uncover any “hidden gem” stories like they did. Soon enough, the other intern and I were presented with a project for a feature story that would be included in a special issue. Over the next couple of weeks, I became engrossed in compiling data, conducting background research, and calling people for this story about the future of scientific meetings. Along the side, I had the freedom to also pitch ideas for daily news stories, write about topics from applause to termites, attend hearings on the hill, and talk to scientists from all over the world. I learned to have fun with my stories and craft catchy ledes that would draw in readers. I loved that “aha” moment when I finally came up with a clever lede or snappy finish. My summer at Science magazine was unforgettable, and I hope to continue science writing throughout my career.

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