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Rachel Smith

2018 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

University of Georgia, Ecology
Fellowship Sponsor: 
Fellowship Site: The Indianapolis Star

I am a PhD candidate in Ecology at the University of Georgia, where I study mechanisms and effects of climate-driven mangrove expansion into saltmarshes along the North Florida coast. Whether I’m on the coast for fieldwork, exploring the Appalachian mountains on the weekend, or teaching local school kids about Georgia Piedmont habitats as a trail guide, I am fascinated by natural history and understanding how humans interact with the environment. I am excited to trade the mud of the mangrove forests for the newsroom of the Indianapolis Star this summer!

Fellowship publications at The Indianapolis Star

6/29/2018        Play scientist for a day, study bees and butterflies during local pollinator count events

7/15/2018        Plogging? You know, when you jog and pick up litter at the same time

7/16/2018        These tiny plastics make their way up the food chain and into your diet

7/16/2018        This species of spider is the size of a crayon tip and was just discovered in Indiana

7/26/2018        Saved from the brink of extinction, bald eagles face another threat

7/27/2018        Indianapolis teens learn about trauma recovery, urban farming from bees and butterflies

7/30/2018        We know single-use plastics are bad. Why can't we stop using them?

8/05/2018        Invasive plants are harming Hoosier gardens and farms. A grassroots effort wants to help.

8/20/2018        New model developed by IU researchers helps predict landslide risks in Indiana, worldwide

8/20/2018        Purdue researchers take on mosquito diseases like Zika and West Nile with new device

8/24/2018        Common Indiana songbird under threat from climate change

8/27/2018        Purdue professor sets world record for fastest arrangement of the periodic table of elements