Shaena Montanari

2017 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow

Richard Gilder Graduate School/American Museum of Natural History, Comparative Biology
Fellowship Sponsor: American Geophysical Union
Fellowship Site: National Geographic

I am currently a freelance science writer and contributor at Forbes in natural history and paleontology. I recently wrapped up an international fellowship sponsored by the Royal Society at University of Edinburgh in the UK where I was researching chemical signatures of dietary adaptations in modern and fossil mammals. Before that, I was a Columbia Science Fellow at Columbia University, teaching first year undergraduates science topics ranging from black holes to dinosaurs. I received my PhD in comparative biology from the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and yes, it was amazing going to school at a museum. My dissertation was on the paleoecology of dinosaurs and mammals, which lead me to field work in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and the outback of Australia.

My primary professional interests lie in science communication, policy, education, and outreach. While in the UK I started a science outreach project in children's hospitals called Dinosaur Doctors which I am working to establish in the US. As a paleontologist I love nature and exploration of our planet, which is why I am so pleased to be joining National Geographic on a dream assignment this summer.

Fellowship publications at National Geographic

6/14/2017          Rare Otter Fossil Found in the Mexican Desert 

6/16/2017          Praying Mantis Devours Hummingbird in Shocking Photo

6/19/2017          How 2 Million Pounds of Rotting Flesh Helps the Serengeti

6/22/2017          Watch Elephants Rescue Their Baby From a Pool

6/23/2017          Endangered Zebra Saved After Severe Lion Attack

6/26/2017          Ice Age Hyenas Left Clues About These Ancient Human Sites

6/28/2017          Hints of Skull Cult Found at World's Oldest Temple

6/28/2017          In a First, Bird Uses Tools to Make Sweet Music

6/30/2017          See a Caterpillar Transform Into a Butterfly Up Close

6/30/2017          Rare Video Shows Mysterious, Worm-Like Legless Lizard

7/10/2017          Underwater 'Spider' Breathes Through Its Legs

7/10/2017          Inside an Elaborate Circumcision Ceremony

7/12/2017          Why Manta Rays Swim in Mesmerizing Circles

7/13/2017          This Man Claims He Is Jesus Christ Reincarnated

7/13/2017          We Knew Ravens Are Smart. But Not This Smart

7/18/2017          Actually, You Could Have Outrun a T. rex

7/20/2017          Elephant Seals Recognize Their Rivals’ Voices—Hear Their Calls

7/20/2017          Rare Views of the Moon, as Seen by Apollo Astronauts

7/21/2017          Watch: Divers Stumble Across a Super-Long Sea Cucumber

7/25/2017          Conjoined Bat Twins Found in Brazilian Forest

7/25/2017          Plastic Garbage Patch Bigger Than Mexico Found in Pacific

7/26/2017          Take a Look at These Amazing Airborne Animals

7/31/2017          Unexplored African Lakes Reveal Hidden World

8/01/2017          Watch: Vulture Gang Steals Cheetah's Kill

8/03/2017          Watch Two Snakes Try to Swallow the Same Bird

8/09/2017          New Dinosaur Species Was Largest Animal Ever to Walk the Earth

8/09/2017          See Inside These Bizarre War Museums

8/09/2017          See How Sloths (Slowly) Navigate the World

8/10/2017          Rare Fossils Reveal New Species of Ancient Gliding Mammals

8/11/2017          Breathtaking ‘Sky Islands’ Showcase Evolution in Action

8/11/2017          Two Massive ‘Sea Serpent’ Oarfish Wash Up on Beaches

8/15/2017          Nighttime Pictures Reveal Antarctica's Cracking Ice Shelves

8/15/2017          Watch a Wildcat Attack a Parrot in Rare Video

8/16/2017          How to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse From Anywhere

8/17/2017          Vintage Photos Show the Beauty of Brides Around the World

8/17/2017          Bald Eagle Attacks a Swimming Deer

8/18/2017          Giraffe Tosses Dead Wildebeest Around in Bizarre Pictures

8/18/2017          Ancient Giant Sloth Fossil Found in Underwater Cave

8/19/2017          Adorable Pictures of Itchy Animals

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