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Shandria Sutton

Minority Science Writers Intern

Shandria Sutton

Minority Science Writers Intern

Tougaloo College
Mass Communication

I am an aspiring jornalist who would like to cover a variety of topics, especially science. Currently, I am a junior at the historical Tougaloo College. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and spending time with family.

Read Shandria's published stories in Science by clicking the links below

6/13/2018         These 12 U.S. states have record rates of unvaccinated kindergartners

6/14/2018         How to grow veggies that are—literally—out of this world

6/18/2018         Helicopter parents may prevent children from flying high

6/20/2018         European eels are swimming in cocaine and other illegal drugs

6/21/2018         Billion-dollar pig disease may soon be no more, thanks to genetic engineering

6/28/2018         Deadly brain cancer potentially treated with modified poliovirus

7/05/2018         New ‘light-eating’ protein discovered in the Sea of Galilee

7/05/2018         Your dog’s flea meds might one day protect you from Zika

7/10/2018         World's oldest color found in ancient fossils

7/19/2018         Synthetic botox treats pain in mice

7/24/2018         Hormone levels may affect a woman's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

7/30/2018         Why we might fail at terraforming Mars

7/31/2018         Simple robots form a chain gang to solve complex problems

8/01/2018         Science candidates are on the ballot next week in three states

8/01/2018         Heading a soccer ball could be more dangerous for female players

8/02/2018         Scientists nail the coolest course for marathon runners at the 2020 Olympics

8/06/2018         Stellar eruption sent gas flying at record speeds

8/10/2018         Men are better navigators than women— but for this unfortunate reason


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Shandria Sutton

Minority Science Writers Intern